MarketingSherpa's 2008 Email Summit Expo & Awards:
Information and Coverage about the 3rd Annual Email Summit

Day 2 at MarketingSherpa's 2008 Email Summit

With sessions on building customer familiarity with your list like enhancing email content and segmentation, how to sell that content with your subject lines, and the best ways to implement co-registration strategies in your email marketing campaigns, Day 2 covered a lot of important ground and pulled in strong reviews and coverage from Colleen Burns, Tamara Gielen, Anna Billstrom, and Chris Knight. Read more to see how these email marketers convince their readers to read more!

Midnight Email Marketing Snacks with John Jantsch & Colleen Burns

Blogging the midnight (or, more truthfully, 5 PM) oil, John Jantsch and Colleen Burns post some late-day roundups of Day 1 at the Miami Email Summit. John's audio interview of Eric Stockton is a must-hear, and Colleen's breakdown of the Steven Tornquist keynote provides a great overview of some of the key factors to improving results in email marketing campaigns.... Read the Rest.

Day 1 at MarketingSherpa's 2008 Email Summit

The MarketingSherpa 2008 Email Summit is off and running, and if you're not on-site or you're looking for a recap of any of the great email marketing sessions we have presented thus far, read up in some of the online press coming out of the show. With everything from in-depth analysis to bite-sized tweets, you'll find all the notes you need ... Read the Rest.

Anna Billstrom Interviews Eric Stockton

Fresh from attending MarketingSherpa's basecamp training, email marketing specialist, Anna Billstrom got the chance to sit down with President of MarketingSherpa, Eric Stockon who discussed his reasons for Sherpa having an email certification course and what trends he's observed over the past few years, including the drop in open rates, metrics/stats, and surprise, the diversification of email into multi-platform & media ... Read Anna's interview on her blog.

More great 2008 email summit pre-show coverage by email marketing writers who will be attending the Email Summit!

Last week we gave a quick round-up of all the pre-show interviews that leading email marketing bloggers had conducted with presenters at MarketingSherpa's upcoming 2008 email summit in Miami. Before the show started in earnest, we wanted to give a quick tip of our hats and round off some of the other great mentions and plugs we have been fortunate enough to receive on the web. The blogs below are some of our favorites and regulars, so be sure to stop by their sites for the latest industry news ... Read the Rest.

Reviews of MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit Advance Study, the Dirty Dozen Email Newsletter Mistakes

Leading up to the email summit, we published a new free study, MarketingSherpa’s Dirty Dozen Email Newsletter Mistakes That Nearly Everyone Makes. Quite a few marketing professionals online found the study a useful guide in avoiding a whole slew of common pitfalls encountered in the normal course of publishing a regular email newsletter. You can read some great reviews or (download the study) from any of the reviews below ... Read the Rest.

Pre-show Coverage of MarketingSherpa’s 3rd Annual Email Marketing Summit in Miami

On February 24 in Miami, Florida, MarketingSherpa’s 2008 Email Marketing Summit kicks off with presentations from the leading minds in the industry. Over the three day summit, findings from leading-edge email marketing case-studies will be presented to attendees by such experts as Vicki Morri of NorthStar, Stephen Wellman of InformationWeek, Robin Anna Pernice of JP Morgan, and Jeff Cram of iSight Design. Pre-conference buzz has grown over the last few weeks amongst the top email marketing commentators, and the summit panelists have appeared for interviews in several experts’ columns. Below are collected some of the insights these top luminaries will be sharing with the 800+ email marketing professionals at this year’s summit. Enjoy, and we’ll see you in Miami! ... Read the Rest.

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