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Case Studies: 1336 and counting...

Case Study #CS32910:

Content Marketing: B2B ecommerce blog post garners 2,000 likes in first week via strategic Facebook Promoted Posts

Summary: A major challenge in content marketing is not just creating and delivering valuable content, but also determining how that content is shared. Company Folders built a blog of rich and useful information targeted at its intended audience — prospects with a graphic design background — and shared it via PPC ads and Twitter.

When the blog was not garnering the engagement it should, the company determined the content wasn’t lacking; it was the blog promotion. Learn how the company shifted to using Facebook Promoted Posts for sharing blog content and achieved more than 2,000 Facebook likes its first week. continue...
Posted: Sep 25, 2014
Case Study #CS32909:

Content Marketing: Campaign-driven strategy increases Marketing-qualified leads 102%

Summary: Among the positive benefits of inbound marketing is the ability to track visitors and interactions on the website, through the content marketing channel and on social media platforms. A challenge is making sure all that data is more signal and less noise.

UrbanBound, a B2B relocation management software company, realized that everything was tracked, but the metrics were too broad to provide any useful information for improving future marketing efforts. The team shifted its focus, and through content-rich campaigns and inbound marketing, the team increased leads 35%. continue...
Posted: Sep 24, 2014
Case Study #CS32908:

Personalization Marketing: 630% ROI for Portland Trail Blazers via dynamic ticket pricing

Summary: Up until October 2013, the Portland Trail Blazers' online ticketing process was anything but trail blazing. The NBA team had several disjointed and outdated sites, none of which were under the platform.

Beyond just a site facelift, the marketing team wanted to provide an intuitive and extremely personalized experience through dynamic ticket pricing. Read how the team accomplished their goal of bringing in a new generation of fans and achieved a 630% ROI from the effort. continue...
Posted: Sep 18, 2014
Case Study #CS32904:

Lead Generation: Content and email combine for high-quality list building

Summary: Lead generation is something that B2B marketers probably think about every day. The challenge is producing high-quality leads and getting the most for your lead gen buck.

This case study explores a process developed by CloudEndure's Vice President of Marketing and put into practice at the technology startup. The entire campaign includes a deep dive into prospects' websites, a content piece based on that analysis and structured as a report, and finally, a personalized email, which not only achieved a 58% open rate, but also helped generate high-quality leads that produced immediate pipeline results. continue...
Posted: Sep 17, 2014
Case Study #CS32903:

Email Marketing: Engaging contest keeps 80% of original list in CASL transition for nutrition company

Summary: When the deadline for the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation started approaching, Vega marketers were anxious to show subscribers the value of confirming their subscription through personalized and engaging campaigns focused on education and the community.

See how the marketers were able to confirm 80% of the original list with a "Vega Love" campaign. continue...
Posted: Sep 16, 2014
Case Study #CS32901:

Social Media Marketing: Small sporting goods store sees 1,100% ROI increase with Facebook coupon

Summary: Family-owned goods store Hesselson's was looking to adapt and grow with its customers, so it decided to branch out beyond its traditional advertising and experiment with social media.

See how a three-week Facebook coupon campaign generated over $5,500 in store sales and increased the online-to-offline conversion rate by 23%. continue...
Posted: Sep 11, 2014
Case Study #CS32900:

Email Marketing: Cold testing subject line symbols leads to increased open rates for health care company

Summary: When the marketing team at DaVita Kidney Care started taking notice of symbols popping up in the subject lines of their personal inboxes, they began questioning whether or not these symbols could be implemented in their own email program.

Read on to find out how the team set out to integrate this new and off-beat tactic into their testing and how they discovered for themselves whether or not this strategy provided any results from their consumers. continue...
Posted: Sep 09, 2014
Case Study #CS32897:

Customer-centric Marketing: How Emmanuel College boosted mobile traffic 94% with website redesign

Summary: There's high competition in higher education. Every day, thousands of colleges and universities go head-to-head, vying for prospective students' enrollments. For today's digitally savvy youth, school websites must be on their "A" game.

"For the vast majority of institutions, it's your No. 1 communication tool," said Molly Honan, Associate Vice President of Marketing and Communications, Emmanuel College.

Learn how Emmanuel College's team collaborated with students and faculty to fuel a website redesign that upped campus visits and deposits while boosting mobile traffic 94%. continue...
Posted: Sep 04, 2014
Case Study #CS32896:

Internal Marketing: B2B's employee-exclusive video series fosters team morale

Summary: "Before you can do anything to gain success in your business, you're going to need the buy-in and support of your team," said Yaniv Masjedi, Vice President of Marketing, Nextiva. "A team is what grows the business. It's not the technology; it's not the computers."

This MarketingSherpa case study features an internal marketing effort, targeting team morale by enhancing company culture. Learn how Nextiva's company-exclusive weekly video series serves as a fun-filled tool to foster communication, excitement and plenty of laughs. continue...
Posted: Sep 03, 2014
Case Study #CS32895:

Content Marketing: Startup's focus on how-to content results in a 1,365% increase in unique website visitors

Summary: Writing for your audience, and not your product, is easier said than done in the marketing world. As tempting as it is, Post Planner decided not to laud its product and instead chose to focus on content that would teach customers marketing principles.

See how this startup developed a how-to and tutorial-focused content strategy that increased unique website visitors by 1,365% and page views 931%. continue...
Posted: Aug 28, 2014

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