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Case Studies: 1315 and counting...

Case Study #CS32865:

Customer-centric Marketing: How New England Biolabs increased time spent on site more than 74%

Summary: We all outgrow things. As we grow and mature, things that once worked for us before may or may not still be a fit for us now. The same can be said for our organizations as they, too, evolve.

New England Biolabs' growing pain came in the form of its website. To adapt, the company implemented a redesign effort driven by customer experience.

See how both the research and the redesign stimulated a 7.5% decrease in bounce rate, 13% increase in page visits and more than a 74% lift in time spent on the New England Biolabs website. continue...
Posted: Jul 23, 2014
Case Study #CS32863:

Marketing Analytics: How a drip email campaign transformed National Instruments' data management

Summary: Metrics, and the data behind those metrics, are the lifeblood of digital marketing and email campaigns. But, the initial analysis of the raw data sets is not as straightforward as it might seem, as National Instruments found out with the global rollout of a drip email campaign.

Read on to find out why a change in analysts caused a precipitous drop in conversion rate, and how the team reacted to the challenge to create a more robust and consistent data handling and management process. continue...
Posted: Jul 22, 2014
Case Study #CS32861:

B2B Project Management: How ATB Financial boosted employee productivity 30%

Summary: As a long-time MarketingSherpa reader, Bill Gattinger has welcomed our content into his inbox for years.

Now, the story to hit his inbox is his own. Gattinger, a senior direct marketing and traffic manager at ATB Financial, shared a story that deviates from the mold of a typical MarketingSherpa case study but its lessons are valuable to businesses across the board.

Whether it's a marketing campaign, service or sale, it starts within the company. See how ATB Financial optimized its internal project management processes to lift its employee productivity 30% and increase the number of monthly projects 20%. continue...
Posted: Jul 16, 2014
Case Study #CS32858:

Email Marketing: Jewelry retailer integrates product recommendations into email campaigns to lift opens 9%

Summary: "You're really risking an unsubscribe every time you send out an email," said Heirlume Founder and CEO Elaine Russell. "So you need to make that email as differentiated as possible."

To survive its subscribers' cluttered inboxes, fine jewelry retailer Heirlume integrated a feature into its email programs that was already present on its ecommerce website: product recommendations.

Read on to learn how Heirlume's personalization helped it stand out like a diamond in the rough. continue...
Posted: Jul 15, 2014
Case Study #CS32854:

Content Marketing: How an IT solutions company generated $8 million from a thought leadership campaign

Summary: "The ultimate goal, of course, in doing any marketing is to drive results," said Lisa Dreher, Vice President of Marketing, Logicalis US. "But, I think that we started this program from a more altruistic point of view in that we really wanted to provide valuable information to our customers and prospects about where technology is going and how to leverage it."

This B2B case study details how an IT solutions provider launched a campaign featuring a thought leadership e-book instead of a sales pitch. Dive in to learn how Logicalis' content marketing program generated $8 million in business. continue...
Posted: Jul 09, 2014
Case Study #CS32850:

Social Media Marketing: 300,000 direct referrals driven by merging social media and brick-and-mortar programs

Summary: As 24 Hour Fitness continued an expansion, the marketing team wanted to use social media to drive new memberships. Unlike their current brick-and-mortar system, social media allowed a more powerful referral, directly from a friend or family member.

See how this effort was able to drive more than 300,000 direct referrals while integrating social media with the existing in-store system. continue...
Posted: Jul 03, 2014
Case Study #CS32849:

Lead Nurturing: How intent data lifted a B2B email campaign's CTR 248% and forwarding rate more than 400%

Summary: "I got real with myself, with our team, and our efforts here what we were doing wasn't working," admitted Leann Capesius, Global Marketing Manager, TeamQuest. "I couldn't keep doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results."

Computer software company TeamQuest Corporation had previously invested in marketing automation, but wasn't experiencing the fruitful results it anticipated. To shake things up, the company began utilizing intent data to better target its prospects. Discover how TeamQuest's first email effort to test the technology resulted in a 248% lift in clickthrough and a more than 400% increase in forwarding rate. continue...
Posted: Jul 02, 2014
Case Study #CS32847:

Segmentation: How a small office supply ecommerce site boosted revenue 25% by sending more emails

Summary: "We started to read about companies doing all this great targeted marketing. We realized we really should be doing more of that," said Andrew Jacobs, Director of Ecommerce, JAM Paper & Envelope.

The ecommerce team at JAM Paper applied underutilized behavioral data to the email program to develop a welcome series, retargeting series and cart abandonment campaign.

Read on to learn how the small team went from one to 100 email designs per week, and achieved a 25% increase in revenue from this email transformation. continue...
Posted: Jul 01, 2014
Case Study #CS32843:

Customer-centric Marketing: Cincom's Curveball campaign scores a 236.7% increase in CTR

Summary: "In marketing, there's lots of hot gossip floating around and things are always changing," explained Carey Hoffman, Copywriter, Cincom. "But one thing that has been talked about a lot in the past year or two is this concept of making the customer the hero of your story."

Cincom took on the trend by pitching a curveball-themed campaign that positioned its customers as the all-stars. Read on to discover the tactics that scored this solutions company a 236.7% increase in clickthrough rate and a 98.5% increase in Sales handoffs. continue...
Posted: Jun 25, 2014
Case Study #CS32842:

Email Marketing: Database hygiene improves membership communications and reduces record duplication rate to 0.2% for WGBH Boston

Summary: Nonprofit public radio broadcaster and television program producer WGBH had marketing programs running across multiple channels, but none of them were coordinated.

In this week's MarketingSherpa Email Marketing case study, see how the marketing team aligned all of their marketing touchpoints so they could better engage, increase funding and help reinvigorate public media. continue...
Posted: Jun 24, 2014

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