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Case Studies: 1399 and counting...

Case Study #CS33020:

Website Marketing: Total site redesign increases traffic 308%

Summary: Well-established companies have most likely long been engaged in traditional marketing channels, such as newspaper, display ads and the venerable Yellow Pages. A marketing challenge arises in the realization that those channels arenít as successful as they once were, and an aging website is not much more than a static brochure or business card.

Knockout Pest Control, a regional company serving the New York area, decided the answer to its marketing challenge was to dive into digital marketing by totally revamping its website. Discover the two-year process the team went through to increase overall traffic by 308%. continue...
Posted: Mar 26, 2015
Case Study #CS33019:

B2B Marketing: Lead generation campaign generates 23% response rate

Summary: When lead generation is reaching out to cold prospects via email and telephone, it might make more sense to outsource that role to a third party vendor specializing in generating cold leads.

This case study covers a company in a highly technical field with a complex sale taking up to 18 months that did just that. Indiana Fluid Power achieved a 23% response rate and in less than a year closed a deal worth $500,000. Read on to find out how the team trained and integrated a lead gen vendor into the company's sales process. continue...
Posted: Mar 25, 2015
Case Study #CS33018:

Marketing Automation: Triggered emails lift clickthrough 525% for BCBGMaxAzria

Summary: How can you build a relationship with your customers? Simply sending batch-and-blast marketing promotions won't cut it; you have to start a conversation based on your customer's behaviors and turn that first interaction into a second.

BCBGMaxAzria, a top clothing and accessories brand for women, implemented marketing automation to capture customer behavior on the site to send triggered emails to the right customers at the right time. See what triggers the brand integrated and how these targeted messages have achieved a 525% lift in CTR as well as a 220% increase in opens compared to the brand's non-triggered sends. continue...
Posted: Mar 24, 2015
Case Study #CS33016:

Inbound Marketing: Auto enthusiast 'Ultimate Car' contest lifts site traffic 24%

Summary: What do you do when you have a passionate fan base, excited to share their stories? Furthermore, how can you leverage your customers' enthusiasm as a benefit to your business?

Learn how American Car Craft launched a contest, inviting auto enthusiasts to share the story behind their custom cars for a chance to win $500 in credit to the brand's store. Through this effort, the one-man marketing team at American Auto Craft was able to secure new additions to the email list, showcase user-generated content and achieve a 24% lift in site traffic with a 12% lift in new users. continue...
Posted: Mar 19, 2015
Case Study #CS33015:

Online Testing: How a B2B SaaS nonprofit increased clickthrough on landing page by 291%

Summary: How do you improve an already effective marketing program? Online testing lets marketers optimize their current efforts through small changes or radical redesigns. The key is to design tests that provide customer insights, not just metric lifts.

As part of the Email Summit 2015 Live Test, VolunteerMatch used a three-part series of experiments to learn how to better engage its B2B audience for its SaaS product. Learn how it increased clickthrough in emails and on a landing page while still gaining invaluable insights about the needs of its potential customers. continue...
Posted: Mar 18, 2015
Case Study #CS33011:

Ecommerce: Inventory management solution increases sales 10%

Summary: Just because an ecommerce company is small doesn't necessarily mean the sales are small. Each sale requires fulfillment of the transaction and inventory management, especially when sales are coming in from multiple channels.

Viscata was challenged with a manually fulfilled inventory management system that took time and energy at the expense of other business functions. The solution was to automate this process and use the newly found time to improve customer service and the customer's experience as well as expand the business into new sales channels and markets. continue...
Posted: Mar 12, 2015
Case Study #CS33010:

Search Engine Optimization: Website overhaul increases revenue tracked to organic traffic 25%

Summary: When a management change at a global B2B chemical supply company led to neglecting website performance metrics and overall search engine optimization strategies, the result was a website that underperformed and had glaring SEO issues once those numbers were finally reviewed.

This case study covers the systematic campaign that increased organic website traffic-based revenue 25% and organic traffic 33% as well as the ongoing plans the team has in place to continue improving SEO on the website. continue...
Posted: Mar 11, 2015
Case Study #CS33009:

MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015: Top takeaways and strategies from experts and marketers in the field

Summary: While much of the success one can have in Las Vegas is merely based on luck, crafting effective email marketing campaigns and messaging is a science.

We just wrapped up two days of presentations, live optimization and testing, networking and one-on-one clinics at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2015 in Las Vegas. We heard from marketers at Microsoft, LinkedIn, Finish Line and many other top brands, academics and thought leaders, including Stephen Dubner, co-author of "Freakonomics." Read on for some top takeaways from the event, and be sure to leave a comment about what you're planning for email in 2015. continue...
Posted: Mar 10, 2015
Case Study #CS33004:

Social Media Marketing: Video series on Twitter lifts views 225% for Visit Myrtle Beach

Summary: Testing out a new aspect of social media is a tightrope walk for marketers. Thing can go very right or very wrong — quickly.

The marketers at Visit Myrtle Beach decided to utilize new Twitter features that would allow them to promote their destination using video and contests more effectively and drive overall greater content awareness. By closely monitoring the effort, they were able to increase followers by 11,000 in a little over two months. continue...
Posted: Mar 05, 2015
Case Study #CS33003:

B2B Marketing: Optimized PPC program increases revenue 100%

Summary: Paid search was an important marketing channel for startup HourlyNerd. However, because its space includes very large and entrenched players, the broad keywords HourlyNerd was using in its campaigns were expensive and did not generate highly qualified leads.

Read on to find out how the team at HourlyNerd optimized the PPC program from backend technology all the way through to internal-expert created content for lead nurturing. Paid search went from almost being dropped from the marketing strategy altogether to achieving a 100% increase in revenue. continue...
Posted: Mar 04, 2015

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