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Case Studies: 1428 and counting...

Case Study #CS33077:

Content Marketing: Organic search traffic increased 400% in one year using content and SEO keyword strategy

Summary: One B2C company relied solely on repeat customers and referrals since the year 2000 to grow its business.

Growth was reliant on "organic" leads with "no real strategy behind growing leads [and] growing the business," Jessica Carstens, Marketing Manager, Cartelligent, said. To begin to grow leads outside of repeat customers and referrals, Cartelligent revamped its content process to optimize for SEO and engage new customers. continue...
Posted: Jun 25, 2015
Case Study #CS33076:

Email Marketing: List size increased 600% in one year through content, paid ad strategy

Summary: When one B2C company looked to use its marketing channels more effectively, it turned to email sends and social media. To grow its email subscriber base, the company decided to leverage its strength in social media and content to draw customers into regular email communications.

Find out how ChefSteps, a company that seeks to transform how people cook at home, added more than 200,000 addresses to their email list by using Facebook to better reach and understand their audience, and give them more of what they want. continue...
Posted: Jun 24, 2015
Case Study #CS33073:

B2B Rebranding: 18-month campaign increases website session duration 120%

Summary: Stream, formally Stream Energy, was rebranded for two reasons. The first was that the company was moving into business areas beyond the energy sector. Therefore, it didn't make sense to keep the original company name. Secondly, it previously had served two distinct audiences with two separate brands.

Find out how Stream underwent an 18-month campaign that combined the two brands — retaining elements of both older brands — and led to a 59% increase in website page views and 120% increase in website session duration. continue...
Posted: Jun 17, 2015
Case Study #CS33072:

Email Marketing: 37% decrease in email promotions results in 205% increase in open rates

Summary: Due to disparate systems that shackled CFO Publishing to a batch-and-blast email system, the marketing team moved all of their data into one system to begin necessary segmentation.

By segmenting customers based on behaviors and only sending to people who would find the emails to be relevant, the team was able to decrease sends by 37% while increasing content downloads and registrations by 35%. continue...
Posted: Jun 16, 2015
Case Study #CS33070:

B2B Social Media: How one medical company used video to drive trade show interactions

Summary: Toshiba's slogan is "leading innovation," and that goes into every aspect of the business, even B2B social media.

At one of the largest medical industry trade shows of the year, Toshiba America Medical Systems, Inc. needed a way to distinguish themselves among all of the social media noise while complying with FDA regulations.

With the launch of new products approaching, the team needed a unified brand message to tease the reveal. By utilizing video content and a thoughtful social media strategy, Toshiba was able to double video views and increase interactions on Twitter and LinkedIn. continue...
Posted: Jun 11, 2015
Case Study #CS33066:

Marketing Strategy: Software startup used B2C model to achieve 11% B2B conversion rate

Summary: When startup company emaze first launched, the brand wasn't sure who was going to become its paying customers. A sample of the users interacting with a freemium product brought surprising results.

This MarketingSherpa B2B Newsletter case study looks at how this presentation software startup utilized B2C tactics in the freemium release of its basic product to convert its B2B user segment. The company utilized its freemium B2C user segment for lead generation via its brand advocacy instead of closing deals with a traditional sales team. continue...
Posted: Jun 03, 2015
Case Study #CS33064:

Email Data Hygiene: CASL compliance email campaign re-activates 5% of list

Summary: Canada’s recent stringent anti-spam legislation sent many marketers scrambling into compliance. SafetyLine Lone-Worker, a SaaS company offering a safety monitoring solution, took the challenge as an opportunity to cleanse and re-activate a stale and bloated email subscriber list.

Read on to find out how the company approached the road to CASL compliance with an online website relaunch party and a month-long email campaign that dramatically cleaned up an outdated database and re-activated 5% of the subscriber list. continue...
Posted: Jun 02, 2015
Case Study #CS33061:

Brand Marketing: Rebranding effort puts $21 million in sales pipeline

Summary: To the outside observer, B2B companies can often look a bit like Dr. Frankenstein's monster — made up of many parts via acquisition and merger. However, it is important for these enterprise companies to appear as a unified brand for the big picture marketing strategy.

This MarketingSherpa case study takes a broad-based look at a branding effort that spanned many marketing elements, including the website, SEM, lead gen and nurturing. Read on to learn what Aptean, a global software company, did to create a $21 million sales pipeline that is directly attributed to its marketing efforts. continue...
Posted: May 27, 2015
Case Study #CS33059:

Inbound Calling: Phone calls from PPC and direct mail reach 30% conversion

Summary: Inbound phone calls are an important driver of new business. For Evolve Vacation Rental Network, the team believed the increase in mobile usage drove more phone calls from marketing channels such as paid search and direct mail.

The challenge with inbound calls is attributing those potential customers to individual campaigns. This is important to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and also to determine a reliable cost-per-acquisition key performance indicator. Read on to find out how Evolve implemented unique phone numbers on its PPC ads, direct mail pieces and website landing pages to improve tracking and measuring its marketing campaigns. continue...
Posted: May 21, 2015
Case Study #CS33056:

Email Marketing: Ecommerce company expands email program and increases revenue 384%

Summary: Email marketing can be a powerful channel. For ecommerce companies, making the most of an email program means getting beyond transactional emails and batch-and-blast sends.

Read on to find out how JewelScent utilized email to increase order volume 478% and revenue 384% by including welcome series, cart abandonment campaigns and giveaway announcements. continue...
Posted: May 19, 2015

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