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Case Studies: 1479 and counting...

Case Study #CS33193:

Email Marketing: Digital wallet Dashlane uses customer reviews to increase clickthrough rate on already optimized newsletter

Summary: As more and more personal data is stored online, the most important question password manager Dashlane needs to answer for customers is, "Can you be trusted?"

To do this, the marketing team began collecting customer reviews, and utilizing them in paid ad campaigns, landing pages and email marketing. They were able to collect over 300 reviews, 97% of which were four stars or higher. continue...
Posted: Feb 03, 2016
Case Study #CS33191:

B2C Marketing: Lawn care company saves more than $800,000 in direct mail postage by integrating email

Summary: TruGreen, a lawn care company spanning across the United States and Canada, sends more than 100 million pieces of direct mail annually during the spring and summer months. Reaching customers while saving resources is a key goal at this volume.

By integrating email, segmenting customers and streamlining the overall process, the marketing team managed to save more than $800,000 in postage and reduced its direct mail production time by 35%. continue...
Posted: Jan 28, 2016
Case Study #CS33188:

Social Media Marketing: Door to Door Organics uses social media to grow 25% year-over-year

Summary: "We're a leading online grocer … working to change the way people shop and eat by empowering them to make easy, healthy food choices for their families and then also [support] our local communities,” Cambria Jacobs, Vice President of Marketing, Door to Door Organics, said.

Door to Door Organics delivers fresh ingredients to customers' homes. Read on to discover how the company capitalized on user-generated content and a social media strategy to continue to grow the brand 25% year-over-year. continue...
Posted: Jan 21, 2016
Case Study #CS33189:

Email Marketing: Golf Channel increases database size by 32% by easing sign-up process

Summary: This past year alone, Golf Channel was able to increase the size of its subscriber database by 32%.

Read on to learn how its digital marketing team was able to do this through a four-part approach, including: one-click registration within emails, a preference center that allows subscribers to customize interaction with the brand, Facebook registration and making signing up on the website simple. continue...
Posted: Jan 20, 2016
Case Study #CS33186:

Lead Nurturing: How SCI Solutions is consistently driving more qualified leads in a noisy marketplace

Summary: What do you do when your messaging can’t be heard above the marketing noise of larger competitors? You whisper in the ears of your prospects. SCI Solutions, one of the healthcare industry’s first software-as-a-service (SaaS) providers, did this when it developed an ongoing marketing campaign that incorporates marketing automation, lead nurturing and lead scoring.

Read on to learn how this enabled SCI to identify where each prospect was in the sales funnel, provide messages that were relevant to them and ultimately, move them through more efficiently and effectively. continue...
Posted: Jan 13, 2016
Case Study #CS33184:

Inbound Marketing: Restaurant app increases inbound leads 100% with SEO and content creation

Summary: Orderly is a restaurant app that allows restaurants to do their invoicing and inventory management virtually. In a business that has had a manual process in place "for the past … forever, really," Orderly faced the challenge of garnering consumer knowledge about the brand as well as driving traffic to the website with relevant content, Joy Ugi, Digital Marketing Manager, Orderly, said.

Read on to learn how one B2B company used basic SEO strategies and a content marketing strategy to increase inbound leads by 100%. continue...
Posted: Jan 07, 2016
Case Study #CS33183:

B2B Email Marketing: Automated drip campaign streamlines lead qualifying for manufacturing company

Summary: Manufacturer Strongwell Corporation transformed its email marketing and alignment through marketing automation — so much so that it was able to pull a $30,000 project into the Sales funnel after its improved email nurture campaign was put in place.

In the case study below, see how the team integrated the automation system and worked closely with the Sales team to qualify leads, and then nurture them with a drip campaign. continue...
Posted: Jan 06, 2016
Case Study #CS33181:

B2C Marketing 2015: Top case studies reveal 7 most effective tactics that drive revenue and engagement

Summary: In 2015, B2C marketers sought to better understand how to engage customers and then used that knowledge to make it easier for consumers to buy. We have outlined the top seven tactics that marketers used to accomplish this, derived from the most-tweeted MarketingSherpa B2C case studies of 2015. Read on to learn from this year’s top B2C case studies. continue...
Posted: Dec 17, 2015
Case Study #CS33180:

B2B Marketing 2015: Top case studies reveal how to use data to maximize marketing ROI

Summary: If the most-tweeted case studies of 2015 are any indication, marketers are eager to translate qualitative and quantitative customer data into marketing that engages and drives consumers through the sales cycle faster.

Read on to learn from case studies that detail how companies are achieving this to significantly increase revenue. continue...
Posted: Dec 16, 2015
Case Study #CS33178:

Inbound Marketing 2015: The top 3 lessons from MarketingSherpa case studies this year

Summary: In a world with unlimited information and choices, distinguishing your brand to customers is essential. Marketers are increasingly utilizing inbound marketing tactics — content, social media and SEO — to grab (and keep) customers' attention.

Read this collection of the most popular Inbound newsletter articles from 2015 for innovative ideas to integrate into your own efforts. continue...
Posted: Dec 10, 2015

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