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Case Studies: 1420 and counting...

Case Study #CS33059:

Inbound Calling: Phone calls from PPC and direct mail reach 30% conversion

Summary: Inbound phone calls are an important driver of new business. For Evolve Vacation Rental Network, the team believed the increase in mobile usage drove more phone calls from marketing channels such as paid search and direct mail.

The challenge with inbound calls is attributing those potential customers to individual campaigns. This is important to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and also to determine a reliable cost-per-acquisition key performance indicator. Read on to find out how Evolve implemented unique phone numbers on its PPC ads, direct mail pieces and website landing pages to improve tracking and measuring its marketing campaigns. continue...
Posted: May 21, 2015
Case Study #CS33056:

Email Marketing: Ecommerce company expands email program and increases revenue 384%

Summary: Email marketing can be a powerful channel. For ecommerce companies, making the most of an email program means getting beyond transactional emails and batch-and-blast sends.

Read on to find out how JewelScent utilized email to increase order volume 478% and revenue 384% by including welcome series, cart abandonment campaigns and giveaway announcements. continue...
Posted: May 19, 2015
Case Study #CS33052:

Social Media Marketing: Over 120% increase in daily activity for app due to visual social media campaign

Summary: To gain visibility for the launch of the latest version of their health and wellness app, Owaves created a contest to encourage downloads and usage.

By getting users to share their interaction with the app visually and pulling in key influencers, the marketers at Owaves were able to increase daily downloads by 100% and develop engaging content for and with customers. continue...
Posted: May 14, 2015
Case Study #CS33051:

Personalization Marketing: In-trial messages increased online registrations by 15% for a B2B SaaS

Summary: Brainshark, a cloud-based B2B service for training, sales conversions and marketing, offered a freemium product for one aspect of its enterprise solution and a free trial of another product. The challenge was converting these non-paying users into customers. To do so, the team implemented a personalized messaging campaign that met its audiences’ needs and reached them at known roadblocks.

Read on to find out how this effort directly influenced $1.1 million in Brainshark’s sales pipeline. continue...
Posted: May 13, 2015
Case Study #CS33048:

Email Marketing: Customer reviews boost clickthrough by 25% in ecommerce product emails

Summary: Customers can be a wealth of content for marketers, and natural cosmetics company Naturopathica discovered that combining feedback and email can be especially compelling for consumers.

The company decided to use reviews to nurture its consumers who wanted to be educated about products before purchasing, increasing the clickthrough rate for a review campaign by 25%. continue...
Posted: May 12, 2015
Case Study #CS33045:

Website Marketing: Complete website redesign increases conversion 470%

Summary: The website is the centerpiece of any digital marketing effort. When a website isn't performing optimally, a business can feel its effects. A B2B company that provides custom cutting tools for manufacturers faced the challenge of overcoming a static 17-year-old website that served as little more than a brochure for the company.

The fix featured a total redesign that resulted in a website with responsive design and SEO elements. In addition, the website received a robust, brand-new paid search program. Find out how this complete website makeover increased conversion 470%. continue...
Posted: May 06, 2015
Case Study #CS33043:

Email Marketing: How a home design company's lackluster campaign led to a 10% increase in foot traffic

Summary: Every marketer has experienced a campaign that did not go as planned at some point in their career. The key is to learn from those mistakes and apply that new knowledge to future campaigns.

T.F. Andrew, a flooring company, wanted to drive more foot traffic and consultations after a grand opening of a new showroom. Using email, the team batch-and-blasted a send that fell flat — there were zero consultations as a result. Learn how the team conducted a thorough post-mortem, identified areas for improvement and applied the insights into a later email campaign that directly increased in-store traffic 10%. continue...
Posted: May 05, 2015
Case Study #CS33041:

Inbound Marketing: How focusing on customer stories saw a 35% increase in content engagement

Summary: Finding a vantage point to observe customer stories is incredibly important. Knowing this, online learning and teaching platform Udemy was looking for a way to engage in the conversations its users were having outside of brand platforms.

After dedicating more time to the external social media and content created about Udemy by their students and professors, the marketing team gained insight into important conversations and shared that content. continue...
Posted: Apr 30, 2015
Case Study #CS33040:

SEO Marketing: Google indexing increases 890% after website fix

Summary: The website could be considered the centerpiece of any digital marketing strategy. When that piece is underperforming because of a fundamental design flaw, it can impact the entire online marketing effort.

This case study looks at global staffing agency Aquent's website problem where a design issue kept its most recent and valuable content — job postings and blog posts — from being indexed by search engine crawlers. Read on to find out how the team uncovered and addressed this issue, improving content indexing from 10% to 99%. continue...
Posted: Apr 29, 2015
Case Study #CS33038:

Email Marketing: Segmentation and list cleansing campaign results in 500% increase in clickthrough

Summary: JustAnswer had not invested much in list hygiene prior to 2014, instead focusing on quantity of those on their list over the quality. Like many marketers, the team feared that cleansing or trimming the list would result in fewer conversions.

See how over the course of a year, the marketers implemented an automated email marketing platform and segmented engaged and non-engaged users, both improving deliverability and increasing clickthrough rates 500%. continue...
Posted: Apr 28, 2015

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