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Case Studies: 1326 and counting...

Case Study #CS32889:

Content Marketing: How an energy data company's content strategy increased leads by 733%

Summary: "Content marketing is like wrapping your sales pitch in bacon," said Lauren Patrick, Marketing Content Manager, Urjanet. "It's not an advertisement. It's not, 'Buy me now! Here's why.' It's, 'Here's a really interesting problem, and here's a way to solve it. Here's our solution.'"

Discover how Urjanet's new marketing team developed a sizzling content marketing strategy for this energy data company. continue...
Posted: Aug 27, 2014
Case Study #CS32888:

Email Marketing: 400% webinar attendance increase for B2B company through relevance and A/B testing

Summary: Struggling with client education and lagging registration and attendance for its monthly webinars, International SOS committed to a multi-year effort to improve its webinar registration email series.

Through consistent A/B testing and a renewed focus on relevance for clients, the marketing team was able to increase webinar attendance 400% from 2011 to 2014, and increase registration 352%. continue...
Posted: Aug 26, 2014
Case Study #CS32885:

Ecommerce: How an online retailer achieved a 17% conversion lift with faster page loading

Summary: Marketers focus on the content of a page and let developers worry about the load time. Does it matter if the customer has to wait another two seconds to see a page?

The answer in this case study is "yes." This ecommerce team increased conversion rates nearly 17% sitewide by reordering when content displayed on its pages. Find out why your social sharing buttons might be costing you sales. continue...
Posted: Aug 21, 2014
Case Study #CS32884:

Email Marketing: Behavior-triggered emails and corporate partnerships boost email list 2,400% in three months for nonprofit

Summary: Statewide program Healthier Tennessee has the goal to inspire people to eat better, move more and quit using tobacco. To do this, the marketing team developed a "Small Starts" initiative, buoyed by behavior-triggered email sends and a "Fresh Starts" giveaway.

Beginning with only the short list of coalition partners and a small subscriber base, this case study will show you how the campaign realized an email database spike of 2,400% during the initial three-month launch period. continue...
Posted: Aug 19, 2014
Case Study #CS32880:

Social Media Marketing: Focus on consumer reviews increases Facebook fans 100% for Playtex Baby

Summary: Aware that word of mouth and recommendations are the primary way that mothers make decisions on buying baby products, the marketers behind the Playtex Baby brand decided they needed to foster mom-to-mom social media interactions.

In this Inbound Marketing case study, learn how building up reviews in its Facebook community through a "Review-to-Win" contest garnered more than 2,000 product reviews in just seven months. continue...
Posted: Aug 14, 2014
Case Study #CS32879:

Video Marketing: How VMware's Google Plus Hangout produced a 1,600% ROI

Summary: For B2B marketers, this year is all about video or at least it should be. According to B2B Marketing's "Social Media Benchmarking Report 2014" (link in the Related Resources section), videos rank as the best-performing content in the B2B space.

With videos, however, engagement can emerge as a major pain point. When content is playing freely behind a screen, it can be a struggle to turn that monologue into a dialogue. Learn how VMware interacted with its video audience by hosting a Google Plus Hangout that not only actively engaged customers, but resulted in a 1,600% ROI. continue...
Posted: Aug 13, 2014
Case Study #CS32878:

Email Marketing: Simplifying email content increases open rates 48% for B2B company

Summary: "Most of our lives we spend not as marketers, but as recipients of marketing," said John Lavey, President and Chief Operating Officer, Hammock.

As consumers, his team was experiencing email fatigue, and knew their newsletter was part of the problem. Read on to learn how they combated this by simplifying email content and design, and renamed the newsletter to represent a refocus on idea cultivation and problem-solving. continue...
Posted: Aug 12, 2014
Case Study #CS32874:

How Dun & Bradstreet's Infrastructure Supports Data-driven Marketing Decisions

Summary: "Data" is a buzzword that's long been fluttering around the business environment. Marketers are now tapping into metrics themselves, using qualitative and quantitative data to inform both campaigns and decisions. Dun & Bradstreet is a prime example of one company that's leaning into analytics.

While this B2B's marketing department once relied on unfounded redesigns and convoluted priorities, it has now built a powerful infrastructure to support data-driven decision-making. Discover the three key components it took to achieve a culture that runs on concrete findings rather than the loudest voices in the room. continue...
Posted: Aug 06, 2014
Case Study #CS32873:

Inbound Marketing: How Infochimps grew its database 94% in one year

Summary: All of the content Infochimps had prior to this inbound marketing funnel transformation "wasn't really relative anymore. We started, really, from scratch," Amanda McGuckin Hager, Director of Marketing, Infochimps, said.

"They specifically brought me in and said, 'This is what we have. This is the deal,'" she added.

This article will cover how the marketing team at Infochimps built an inbound marketing structure that could support their new venture, and enable the sales team to grow business into the Fortune 1000. continue...
Posted: Jul 31, 2014
Case Study #CS32868:

B2B Retargeting: How Lumension achieved an 865% lift in homepage views

Summary: When software company Lumension needed cut its costs, its marketing budget suffered the biggest blow.

"Marketing is always a real easy place to look at, because unfortunately, it's still considered and has the perception of being more of a cost center versus a revenue center," explained Ed Brice, Lumension's Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing.

Though the department had to decrease its spend 30%, it needed to realign its strategy to protect its demand gen. Discover how Lumension leveraged retargeting online ads to increase leads in the face of a decreased budget while upping homepage views 865%. continue...
Posted: Jul 30, 2014

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