MarketingSherpa's 2008 Email Summit Expo & Awards:
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Day 2 at MarketingSherpa's 2008 Email Summit

With sessions on building customer familiarity with your list like enhancing email content and segmentation, how to sell that content with your subject lines, and the best ways to implement co-registration strategies in your email marketing campaigns, Day 2 covered a lot of important ground and pulled in strong reviews and coverage from Colleen Burns, Tamara Gielen, Anna Billstrom, and Chris Knight. Read more to see how these email marketers convince their readers to read more!

Consumers interact with Email
Colleen Burns, Email Marketing Voodoo

Day 2 of the summit and email marketing blogger Colleen Burns shines the spotlight on Pam McHugh from Mintel, who spoke on the topic: "New Proprietary Study: How Consumers Interact w/ Email." Among the highlights, on average only 26% of email is perceived as relevant or useful; content is the biggest driver for people to open your email! Consumers reported a high tolerance for multiple communications if their perceived relationship with the company was high; they are likely to tolerate up to 9 emails a month! Read all about it!

Deploying eMagazines to Enhance Engagement
Tamara Gielen, BeRelevant!

An eMagazine you say? Ken Bott from Intercontinental Hotels Group speaks about his company's Priority Club Rewards eMagazine. Email Marketing commentator Tamara Gielen reports on this innovative method for communicationg more effectively with members, incorporating sound and motion of rich media and delivering "info-tainment" that educates subtly using entertaining content. Fact: eMag impacted positive perception of brands by 8% percentage points! Read on!

Celtics: Winning with segmentation, multi-channel campaign
Anna Billstrom, Adventures in Email Marketing

Matt Griffin, director, sales & marketing of the Boston Celtics, spoke about how targeted messages and a multi-channel campaign helped the team sell 3500 unsold tickets with only 30 days until game day! The case study involved a game against the Denver Nuggests and the team implemented a 2-phase multichannel email campaign, targeting email to pre-determined clusters to sell the large blocks & balcony tickets. Find out the details of this very clever campaign!

Co-reg to target your customer base
Tamara Gielen, BeRelevant!

Live blogger Tamara Gielen features speaker Jason Steele of Liberty Travel (a brick-and mortar travel agency) on his talk about the use of co-registration to build email lists that deliver relevant content to a targeted audience. As a result of their complex partnership marketing campaigns, Liberty Travel has doubled its average profit per sale vs. other programs and channels. Learn more!.

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