MarketingSherpa's 2008 Email Summit Expo & Awards:
Information and Coverage about the 3rd Annual Email Summit

Pre-show Coverage of MarketingSherpa’s 3rd Annual Email Marketing Summit in Miami

On February 24 in Miami, Florida, MarketingSherpa’s 2008 Email Marketing Summit kicks off with presentations from the leading minds in the industry. Over the three day summit, findings from leading-edge email marketing case-studies will be presented to attendees by such experts as Vicki Morri of NorthStar, Stephen Wellman of InformationWeek, Robin Anna Pernice of JP Morgan, and Jeff Cram of iSight Design. Pre-conference buzz has grown over the last few weeks amongst the top email marketing commentators, and the summit panelists have appeared for interviews in several experts’ columns. Below are collected some of the insights these top luminaries will be sharing with the 800+ email marketing professionals at this year’s summit. Enjoy, and we’ll see you in Miami!

Doubling NorthStar Client Engagements With Email Marketing
Tamara Gielen, BeRelevant!

Vicki Morris, Vice President of Marketing for NorthStar (the leading provider of wealth management software to financial services institutions) discusses how her company doubled the number of client engagements in just one year with an aggressive email marketing program.

Building High-Performance Email Newsletters
Anna Billstrom, Adventures in Email Marketing

Stephen Wellman, Editor of InformationWeek email newsletters, provides some great strategies and tips on how to get greater results from your email newsletter outreach, including how to overcome newsletter rejection. Stephen goes on to discuss the impact of mobile devices on newsletters and on submitting content. In an age of email fatigure, this is a must read!

Publishing Must-Read Content for B2B Email Newsletters
Christopher Knight,

Industry commentator Chris Knight interviews Robin Anna Pernice of JPMorgan, discussing the “ins and outs” of generating content for B2B Newsletters, including what makes content “must-read” by your readership, how is editorial content selected and what are the top 3 email list building strategies?

Soft-Selling Prospects With the “Un-newsletter”
Anna Billstrom, Adventures in Email Marketing

Jeff Cram, Managing Director and co-founder of iSite Design expands on the concept of the “soft sell,” and talks about the significance of open/click and deliver metrics for the iSite newsletter. Jeff goes on to discuss the impact that blogs and Web content have had on email newsletters in general and how its a complete company effort to produce an email newsletter that works.

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