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Reviews of MarketingSherpa’s Email Summit Advance Study, the Dirty Dozen Email Newsletter Mistakes

Leading up to the email summit, we published a new free study, MarketingSherpa’s Dirty Dozen Email Newsletter Mistakes That Nearly Everyone Makes. Quite a few marketing professionals online found the study a useful guide in avoiding a whole slew of common pitfalls encountered in the normal course of publishing a regular email newsletter. You can read some great reviews or (download the study) from any of the reviews below:

Get it while you can: 12 most common email marketing mistakes
David Culbertson, Lightbulb Interactive Blog

Internet marketing professional David Culbertson illustrates the study with several anecdotes, highlighting data on how a well-designed email marketing program can improve clickthroughs, increase email-generated revenue and vastly increase sales by including mobile device readers!

Another Free Download from MarketingSherpa
Debbie Weil, Blogwrite for CEOs

Corporate and CEO blogging consultant Debbie Weil lists her “favorite mistakes” in this concise review. The charts and stats are instrumental in building a successful email marketing program, in her opinion, and her readers get a small taste of MarketingSherpa’s in-depth Email Marketing 2008 Benchmark Guide.

Pre-summit snacking on The Dirty Dozen
Colleen Burns, Email Marketing Voodoo

Email marketing expert Colleen Burns previews for readers the benefits of the “Dirty Dozen” report, touting the effectiveness of the report’s top mistakes and lists how to avoid the pitfalls of traditional email marketing and strongly promoting the report to those email marketers in search of a new direction to increase their newsletter campaign success.

MarketingSherpa releases Dirty Dozen Email Newsletter Mistakes
Christopher Knight, EmailUniverse

Email newsletter publishing ace Christopher Knight scrutinizes each dirty mistake, delivering a top-notch critique that is a must-read for any email marketer! Mistake #1? If you don’t have permission to contact someone, it’s called SPAM!

Dirty Dozen Report from MarketingSherpa
Manoj Jasra, SocialMetrics

Search Engine Marketing expert Manoj Jasra provides a tight snapshot of each and very mistake prompting all email marketers to get the free report! No shortage on tips in this no-nonsense review. A fast read for email marketers on the go!

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