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Midnight Email Marketing Snacks with John Jantsch & Colleen Burns

Blogging the midnight (or, more truthfully, 5 PM) oil, John Jantsch and Colleen Burns post some late-day roundups of Day 1 at the Miami Email Summit. John's audio interview of Eric Stockton is a must-hear, and Colleen's breakdown of the Steven Tornquist keynote provides a great overview of some of the key factors to improving results in email marketing campaigns.

Getting practical with Sherpa's Eric Stockton
John Jantsch, Ducttapemarketing

Email Marketing blogger John Jantsch interviews MarketingSherpa President, Eric Stockton, in a no holds bar podcast prompting Eric to spill the beans on MarketingSherpa's mission, future and expanding relationships with the evergrowing Sherpa membership and community.

Correct is Not Always Most Effective
Colleen Burns, Email Marketing Voodoo

"Sherpa's Steven Tornquist concluded his Summit keynote with a list of email marketing to-do's that you do best to heed if you plan to effectively market in 2008," according to email marketing blogger Colleen Burns. This includes optimizing, varying templates, and obsessing about content! Fellow presenters piggy backed on Tornquist's message and in the words of Kimberley Talbot, Adobe Systems Inc., "relevance drives campaign performance!" Read more tip highlights from the Summit!

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