MarketingSherpa's 2008 Email Summit Expo & Awards:
Information and Coverage about the 3rd Annual Email Summit

More great 2008 email summit pre-show coverage, by email marketing writers who will be attending the Email Summit!

Last week we gave a quick round-up of all the pre-show interviews that leading email marketing bloggers had conducted with presenters at MarketingSherpa's upcoming 2008 email summit in Miami. Before the show started in earnest, we wanted to give a quick tip of our hats and round off some of the other great mentions and plugs we have been fortunate enough to receive on the web. The blogs below are some of our favorites and regulars, so be sure to stop by their sites for the latest industry news.

My Guide to the Email Summit
Anna Billstrom, Adventures in Email Marketing

Email Marketing guru, Anna Billstrom, describes her “ideal scenario“ as she attends all three days of the Email Summit. Having already interviewed and blogged about upcoming speakers Jeff Cram and Stephen Wellman, Anna touts the keynote address to be delivered by MarketingSherpa’s own, Stephen Tornquist, on the subject of Sherpa’s 2008 Email Marketing Report. Look out for some of the most detailed and finely crafted blog posts of the entire summit!

Blogging at MarketingSherpa's Email Summit, Feb 24-26 in Miami
Tamara Gielen, BeRelevant!

Fresh off of her return from this year’s EEC’s Email Evolution Conference in San Diego, Email Marketing blogger Tamara Gielen is excited to attend MarketingSherpa’s 3rd Annual Email Summit. Expect a bundle of blog posts rife with insightful tips and news that you can use in your email marketing campaigns!

Email Me to Miami
John Jantsch, Duct Tape Marketing

Small business pro John Jantsch will be live blogging and mobile posting throughout the summit. With a sharp eye for detail and a nose for business, John’s posts will be eagerly anticipated by not only new entrants into the email marketing world but by business owners looking to stay alive during challenging economic times.

Miami, Here We Come!
Colleen Burns, Email Marketing Voodoo

Email Marketing Voodoo whiz, Colleen Burns, gets her chance to flex her wings at this year’s summit, blogging live with real-time updates of breaking news from the presentations , workshops, and one-on-one interviews she will be conducting. Make sure to catch her multiple blog posts each and every day!

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