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Offer Sequencing Infographic

Offer Sequencing Infographic

Get this free thought tool to help you decide how to sequence your offer

The Marketer's Mindset Checklist

The Marketer's Mindset Checklist

Get this free thought tool with six key questions to prepare the marketer

Landing Page Blueprint

Landing Page Blueprint

Infographic PDF to help you create and optimize high-converting landing pages

Free Marketing Course

Free Marketing Course

Become a Marketer-Philosopher: Create and optimize high-converting webpages


Data Pattern Analysis Tool

Plug funnel leaks with MECLABS Institute's simplified version of its DPA tool

Value Proposition

Project and Ideas Pitch Template

A free template to help you win approval for proposed projects and campaigns


Six Quick CTA checklists

A nifty PDF download of checklists to optimize CTA conversion rate

web design infographic

Web Design Infographic

The 21 psychological elements that power effective web design

A/B testing
marketing swipe file bundle

Marketing Swipe File Bundle

Transformative discoveries from 73 valid marketing experiments

Landing Page Handbook

MarketingSherpa Landing Page Handbook

Raise conversion with this digitized, free version of our bestselling classic Landing Page Handbook

Value Proposition
discover your value prop

7 Steps to Discovering Your Essential Value Proposition with Simple A/B Tests

Drive better results when you discover what it is about your business that customers love

A/B Testing
subscription swipe file

Research-based Subscription Swipe File

26 valid marketing experiments to give you ideas for your next A/B test

A/B Testing
lead gen swipe file

Research-based Lead Gen Swipe File

22 valid marketing experiments to give you ideas for your next A/B test

A/B Testing
ecommerce swipe file

Research-based Ecommerce Swipe File

25 valid marketing experiments to give you ideas for your next A/B test

digital page templates

Research-Backed Landing Page Templates

Free top-performing page templates taken directly from our research program

A/B Testing
mobile QA checklist

Mobile A/B Testing: Quality assurance checklist

To help you run accurate tests that include mobile traffic while avoiding validity threats

cro cheat sheet

CRO Cheat Sheet: Customer thinking guide

To help you use the Conversion Index, with a deeper focus on Motivation

A Model of Your Customer's Mind

A Model of Your Customer's Mind

Our 21 concepts and tools have helped capture more than $500 million in test wins

A/B Testing

Free Test Discovery Tool

To help you log all the results and discoveries from your company’s tests

Test planning tool

Test Planning Scenario Tool

To help you visualize factors that affect the ROI implications of test sequencing

email 6 checklist bundle

6 checklists to optimize your email marketing

6 checklists to help marketers optimize email capture, opens and clicks

Guide for Optimizing Webpages

The MECLABS Guide for Optimizing Your Webpages

20 years of research distilled into a repeatable methodology and approach…

Quick Guide to Inbound Marketing for B2B

MarketingSherpa Quick Guide to Inbound Marketing for B2B

10 tips to attact and engage your audience in a helpful (not salesy) way

Guide to Developing Your Customer Theory

Intro Guide to Developing Your Customer Theory

A simple, interactive worksheet designed to help get all the customer wisdom from your agencies, internal team and entire ecosystem in one place

Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing Reports

Lead Generation and Inbound Marketing Reports Bundle

3 quick guides to Lead Gen, Inbound B2B, and Landing Page Optimization for the busy marketer

most popular bundle

Most Popular Free Marketing Reports & Tools Bundle

Get the reports, guides, and tools that marketers download the most

Customer Insights Bundle

Case Studies & Customer Research Bundle

Customer Theory, Brand Satisfaction Research, award-winning case studies

Marketing Strategy & Value Proposition Reports

Marketing Strategy & Value Proposition Reports Bundle

2 Value Proposition tools and free excerpt from The Marketer as Philosopher

CRO Bundle

Conversion Optimization Reports & Testing Tools Bundle

2 conversion guides, data analysis tools and more

Email Optimization Bundle

Email Marketing Reports Bundle

Optimizing Email Subject Lines, mobile friendly, and more

Case Studies
2017 Awards Book

2017 MarketingSherpa Awards Book

52-page book showcasing case studies of top five customer-first marketing campaigns of the year

MarketingSherpa Customer Satisfaction Research Study

MarketingSherpa Customer Satisfaction Research Study

54-page report with 28 charts to learn what contributes most to a customer’s satisfaction with a company

Conversion rate optimization

The MECLABS Conversion Analysis Tool

Excel tool to diagnose the problems in your funnel and determine where to test

The marketer as philosopher

The Marketer as Philosopher – Excerpt

10 selected chapters of Flint McGlaughlin’s “40 Brief Reflections on the Power of Your Value Proposition”

Quick guide to email marketing

MarketingSherpa Quick Guide to Email Marketing

10 tactics to personalize your message for better results

A/B Testing
Web as a living laboratory

Executive Report: The Web as a Living Laboratory

Learn how to use the web to experiment your way into a more profound understanding of your customer

Competitive analysis template

The MECLABS Competitive Analysis Template

PowerPoint template to help you discover and evaluate your competitors

Lead Gen
The MECLABS Quarterly Research Digest

MarketingSherpa Quick Guide to Lead Generation

8 content, social media and webinar tactics to boost lead volume

Value Proposition
Value Proposition toolbox

The MECLABS Value Proposition Toolbox

4 tools to help you evaluate and craft your value proposition

Quick guide to conversion rate optimization

MarketingSherpa Quick Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization

9 tactics to ensure you are running valid tests

Guide to Landing Page Optimization

MarketingSherpa 30-Minute Marketer for Landing Page Optimization

13 tactics for customizing your page to appeal to your target visitors

Newspaper Paywalls and Digital Subscriptions

Executive Report: Newspaper Paywalls and Digital Subscriptions

Get four key insights about newspaper paywalls and digital subscriptions from research with 900 U.S. news consumers

Value Proposition
Value proposition guide

30-Minute Marketer for Value Proposition

13 tactics for customizing your page to appeal to your target visitors

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