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Questions about advertising:

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Questions about your email account and newsletters:

- How to change your email address or cancel/stop getting email from us

It's easy and takes about 15 seconds at our preference center.

- How did my name get added to this list?

We only send email such as newsletter issues to people who specifically requested it by adding their name to our opt-in form. We do *not* harvest names from Web sites, use append services, or add names to our list on an "opt-out" basis. We are strictly opt-in.

In fact we used to be double opt-in, but found that confirmation messages were being eaten by filters, so people who wanted to be subscribers sometimes couldn't be. So we switched to single opt-in for the time being.

Occasionally someone signs up colleagues using our subscription form. We neither appreciate nor condone this practice.

If your name has been added to our list by a colleague, and you don't wish to receive our materials, please do unsubscribe immediately with our thanks at our preference center.

- Privacy: How safe is my email address with MarketingSherpa?

We have a strict privacy policy you can see here.

The Highlights: We never rent, barter or otherwise allow names on our email lists to be mailed third party newsletters, offers, or other broadcast communications. We also won't email you promotional materials of our own unless you have specifically asked for them or you purchased an identical item such as a past edition of a particular title.

Questions about advertising, exhibitors and sponsorships:

- Info about advertising

We do not ever rent out our email names or send single "blasts" on behalf of sponsors. We also do not accept paid advertising in any of our newsletters or on our main website.

Questions about appearing in MarketingSherpa stories and Summit speaking gigs:

- I'm in PR: How can I plant a story in a MarketingSherpa newsletter?

The short answer is, you can't. However, we are always interested in story ideas that we ourselves might research and write. Got an idea for someone we should interview or a topic to cover? Feel free to send a personal note to explaining why it would be helpful to the MarketingSherpa audience.

Questions about MarketingSherpa from bloggers, events seeking speakers, vendors and others:

- Info for bloggers

You may link to our articles at no cost and with our thanks. Our article addresses are permanent. However, we ask that you respect our copyright and not lift more than three to four sentences directly from any article for your blog or other publication. We also ask that you not copy charts, cartoons or other graphics without our explicit permission. Our content *is* our product and we work extremely hard to develop it — please don't steal. Thank you.

- Want a Sherpa staffer to speak at your event?

We frequently provide keynote and guest-star speakers to trade shows, association meetings, and internal corporate events. However, MarketingSherpa staff availability is limited — we have about 20 openings per year and these are generally booked 6-9 months in advance. So, in addition, we offer virtual speeches — participating in webinars, teleseminars and videocasts for about 40 groups per year. For information on either opportunity, contact

- Contact us

General Customer Service — business days 9am-5pm Eastern Time