MarketingSherpa Quick Guide to Lead Generation

8 content, social media and webinar tactics to boost lead volume 

Welcome to Quick Guide to Lead Generation. In this report, we give you ideas for using webinars and other content to generate a higher volume and better quality of leads.

Content marketing can increase the volume and quality of your site traffic, which of course helps you generate more leads. These are people who have actively chosen to connect with you because they are attracted by your content or webinar topics, and they are likely to be more engaged. Therefore, these people are more promising leads than those who you solicit or pursue.

Of course, luring people in is one thing – you must also keep them engaged once they get there, so they will want to keep returning to interact with you. Providing high-quality content and interesting webinars can help you keep contacts engaged, which translates to a high volume of quality leads.

In this report, we'll show you:

  • Why using content for lead generation can have pros and cons
  • Tips for using social media as part of your strategy
  • Ways to succeed, even with limited resources
  • How to plan an effective webinar program

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