MarketingSherpa's 2008 Email Summit Expo & Awards:
Information and Coverage about the 3rd Annual Email Summit

Day 1 at MarketingSherpa's 2008 Email Summit

The MarketingSherpa 2008 Email Summit is off and running, and if you're not on-site or you're looking for a recap of any of the great email marketing sessions we have presented thus far, read up in some of the online press coming out of the show. With everything from in-depth analysis to bite-sized tweets, you'll find all the notes you need.

Summit Day 1 Email Certification Report
Colleen Burns, Email Marketing Voodoo

Email Marketing ace Colleen Burns wraps up her first day of email marketing best practices and training giving major props to Marketing Experiments Director Flint McGlaughin for keeping hundreds of email marketers captivated and focused on tried and true email best practices using live examples from the crowd. Optimization takes place "in the mind," and not on the landing page, says Colleen, as she shares more key insights from this year's summit!

Certification: Data vs. Guts
Anna Billstrom, Adventures in Email Marketing

Graduates of MarketingExperiment's Email Certification Course were all abuzz after enjoying a terrific session with Dr. Flint McGlaughlin, Director, who peppered his email marketing audience with oodles of email advice, methodology and data points. Email marketing blogger Anna Billstrom reviews some of the finer elements of Flint's presentation, including the efficacies of not selling so hard and using shorter email subjects and contrasting data testing with what she terms is "gut marketing."

Marketers fighting back against SPAM!
Tamara Gielen, BeRelevant!

MarketingSherpa's own Stefan Tornquist delivered today's Summit keynote, reviewing a bunch of stats on how to improve the odds of your emails being noticed and read. Newsletter subscribers are 41% more likely to purchase in the next 90 days than other opt-in subscribers and valuable or not, 40% of B2B opt-ins are using Gmail or Yahoo (something to keep in mind). Stefan highlights "eyetracking" studies showing that marketers should alter email templates regularly, especially with regards to ads in newsletters! Read the full live report from Tamara's blog now!

Accrediting email?
John Jantsch, Ducttapemarketing

Major ISPs like AOL and Yahoo do what they can to block spam but try as they may they do not prevent all SPAM from reaching your inbox and they block some legitimate email as well. Solution? Small business and email marketing blogger John Jantsch examines Goodmail Systems as one example of a growing email certification industry that is working with ISPs to bring strict email standards to marketers who meet strict standards for best email practices. Blogging live from MarketingSherpa's Email Summit, lean more about what Jantsch has to say about email's resurrection as a means of authentic dialogue.

Email, spam, clickthrough, Twitter!
Chris Knight, Emailuniverse

For a quick read, you can't beat Email expert commentator Chris Knight's "Twitter" postings! Amazing: Most Ezine Publishers are spending 20-40x what I/we do per newsletter, time investment wise; Overheard at MarketingSherpa conf: Word of MOUSE is often faster than Word of Mouth; Lowest Quality of Opt-In email acquisitions: Sweepstakes/Contests! Read Chris's blog posting for more dollops of twitter wisdom reported to you live from the Email Summit in Miami!

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