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B2C Marketing: How Sunrise Senior Living increased on-site leads by 12% with a digital UX test

Abby See, Director of Online Marketing, Sunrise Senior Living

Visitors to the Sunrise Senior Living website are often looking for immediate senior care options or are researching senior care providers for upcoming care needs.

In this MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 presentation, Abby See, Director of Online Marketing, Sunrise Senior Living, will walk you through the surprising customer insight her team discovered through UX testing. 

Understanding your customers is an essential component for any business in the digital realm, and through user experience testing, the marketing team learned that most users who were seeking care options were not certain which care options were most aligned with their or their loved one’s needs, or that multiple options were even available. It also became apparent that this information was not easily accessible on the site without requiring the user to read through multiple landing pages or talk directly to a representative.

Since the launch in September 2014, the impact of launching a Care Questionnaire to foster meaningful off-site engagement has been measured by more than 19,400 users completing the survey, resulting in a 12% lift in on-site leads and a 4% lift in total site conversion rate.

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