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SAP's Digital Transformation to Run Simple: How a streamlined online presence accelerated development and testing

Maggie Fox, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, SAP

“If you want to effect big change, you have to get people to go with you … and it’s not always easy, and sometimes we forget,” said Maggie Fox, Senior Vice President, Global Marketing, SAP in her MarketingSherpa Summit 2016 presentation.

In this 30-minute session, Fox discusses how her team committed to delivering "the best digital experience in the world" at one of the world’s largest software companies.

Any project, however, even if it’s going to give your customers the best experience in the world, has to attain buy-in.

“It’s really about the culture change … it was interesting starting this project, that there had to be some convincing done. The tools weren’t going to solve the problem, we had to get the people on board,” she said.

With 57% of the customer decision journey (even in complex B2B sales) happening before a prospect even contacts you and 80% of sales involving search, having a simple, easy-to-navigate digital experience is a must-have. But it’s not easy and often requires a complete transformation.

Fox will discuss how the program team worked with multiple stakeholders across multiple lines of business — as well as through technical and cultural challenges — to deliver the digital transformation project that no one thought was possible.

You don’t have to be as large as SAP to gain insights from this session. In it, you will learn:

  • How to make customer experience a priority in your marketing efforts
  • How to shift the mindset of your organization from being an "order taker" to a "business driver"
  • Why "culture eats strategy" and how SAP built a team that could effectively execute such a large, complex website redesign

“For us, it was really important that we weren’t just making something pretty, but that we were helping the business in a really strategic way,” Fox said.

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