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How an On-demand Private Jet Charter Company Developed a Mobile App to Improve Cost Transparency and Drive a 488% Increase in Leads

Jonathan Levey, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Flexjet

Sure, you know mobile is growing. And you see the overnight app millionaires. But is an app right for your company? And if so, how do you launch and optimize an app? How do you incorporate it into your business strategy? Ultimately — how do you use an app to meet your objectives?

In this case study, Jonathan Levey, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, Flexjet (sister company of Skyjet), shared his team’s app journey at its Skyjet brand. Watch the video replay of his MarketingSherpa Summit session to learn how:

  • To decide whether to make the time and budget investment in launching a branded mobile app
  • The on-demand private jet charter company was able to generate press in Mashable, USA Today and other media outlets for its app launch
  • To get found in the app store
  • To optimize push notifications
  • This app not only generated business success but led to a discovery that transformed the brand’s entire business model

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