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How SAP Engaged Its Best Customers With Account-Based Marketing to Impact the Close of $27 Million

Eric Martin, Vice President, Marketing, SAP

What do you do when optimizing customer engagement means transforming the way an entire organization thinks and functions? How do you get everyone on the same page? How do you create a unified value proposition? How do you build the processes that will ultimately lead to greater ROI?

In this full session from MarketingSherpa Summit 2016, Eric Martin, Vice President of Marketing for the North American ABM Program Office, SAP, will walk you through the process he took when attempting to shift significant portions of the organization’s spend and resources to increase customer engagement.

This ultimately generated $27 million in new pipeline creation and $57 million in progressed pipeline in 2014. Based on this success in North America, SAP has created a center of excellence designed to syndicate lessons learned and best practices throughout all regions.

This session will cover how to:

  • Create one definition of account-based marketing (ABM) within an organization
  • Manage expectations around what the organization can and can’t accomplish
  • Approach customers with a compelling ABM value proposition that is meaningful to them
  • Build a relevant infrastructure to allow program expansion
  • Measure results in both quantitative and qualitative terms

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