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Proactive List Hygiene: How a software company overcame a 23% soft bounce rate

Matt Byrd, WeddingWire

"I'm not a Canadian pharmacist discount medicine person, I'm not a Nigerian prince, I'm just an email marketer — just like you guys. And, all of a sudden, my emails are getting bounced. I didn’t know quite what to do about it," said Matt Byrd, Email Marketing Manager, WeddingWire, during his presentation at MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2013.

In this video replay of a full session at Email Summit 2013, watch as Byrd engaged the crowd while describing how he discussed inactive user issues on his lists with his co-workers and his sponsors.

Byrd boldly claimed his "mistake number one" was not paying attention to his spam rate and how implementing a routine of list maintenance was the key to improving deliverability rates and ROI and diminishing spam rate for this software company with both B2C (a wedding destination site for engaged couples) and B2B (on-demand software for the wedding industry) audiences.

In this video, you will discover:

  • How to notice trends in inactive users

  • How to discuss list hygiene with your team

  • How to educate your company on the importance of quality lists

  • How to maintain your lists

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