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E-commerce: Harnessing the power of email automation and behavior-based marketing to increase conversions

Jermaine Griggs, Hear and Play Music

Gearing up for MarketingSherpa Email Summit 2014, watch a video replay from last year's Summit featuring Jermaine Griggs, Founder, Hear and Play Music, and his presentation, "How an Online Music Teaching Company Harnessed the Power of Email Automation and Behavior-based Marketing to Increase Conversions."

In his presentation, discover how Griggs' transitioned from using his CRM system as what he called a "glorified autoresponder," to a CRM system based on behavior, and personalized for each customer's unique needs.

"People do business with people. There are a lot of corporate folks here, and at the end of the day, we do business with people. When I look in and figure out the hot buttons with the person I'm trying to convert, it really comes down to the same interests, same desires, same hot buttons from the CEO down to the clerk, and so I keep that in mind in every communication that we do," Griggs said.

In this Email Summit 2013 video replay, learn:

  • A litmus test to discover if you are using CRM as a glorified autoresponder

  • How to apply a recency ladder to your offered discounts

  • Why internally and externally collected data is so important to personalized experiences

  • And much more

Download the slides to this presentation



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