July 30, 2012

Marketing Research Chart: When is it time to hire out? Filling the gaps in email marketing for 2012

SUMMARY: When it comes to meeting the demands of email marketing in a tough economy, many organizations find value in outsourcing. View this week’s chart to see what 2,735 marketing professionals had to say about the email-related services their teams are using to overcome limitations in expertise and time in 2011.
by W. Jeffrey Rice, Senior Research Analyst

Marketing Research Chart: Popularity of outsourced email-related services

Q. Which types of solution(s) or service(s) does your organization use with your email program?

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Regardless of your organization size or industry, it’s likely that not all of your email marketing budget will be spent internally. Some resources may be allocated to outside vendors with greater proficiency. Where do the excess dollars go? We polled 2,735 marketing professionals in this year’s Email Marketing Benchmark Survey to find out.

According to the survey, email service providers is the most popular service to outsource, followed by email analytic services where companies may not have the internal expertise or time to dedicate to these projects.

Additionally, we discovered that the need for email preview services is growing. This is due in part to the quick adoption of smartphones, where email marketers must design for a smaller screen on a variety of platforms. These services are more in demand than traditional email services to improve testing and list hygiene.

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