May 30, 2012

Optimization: 5 articles from the MarketingSherpa archives

SUMMARY: Looking ahead to the MarketingSherpa/MarketingExperiments Optimization Summit 2012 in Denver, June 11-14, this week’s B2B newsletter features five articles on testing and optimization.

We are presenting two how-to articles, one case study and two charts from our archives that cover everything from an extensive landing page optimization program, to getting executive buy-in for testing, and even help on choosing a testing tool before you start a testing and optimization cycle.
by David Kirkpatrick, Reporter

The MarketingSherpa/MarketingExperiments Optimization Summit 2012 will be held in Denver, June 11-14. To get our B2B marketers ready for the event, we decided to feature five of the best testing and optimization case studies, how-to articles and charts from our research and reporting across MarketingSherpa’s newsletter beats.

#1: Moving beyond a single test

This case study covers an extensive testing and optimization program at Intuit on its Quickbooks product. Find out how testing the landing page led to a 22.52% increase in revenue-per-visitor:

Landing Page Testing and Optimization: How Intuit grew revenue per visitor 23%

#2: 7 tactics for building support of your testing program

Next up is another article, this time a how-to, on landing page optimization. It features three experts offering insight into getting a testing program in place and, maybe more importantly, getting top-level management buy in:

Landing Page Optimization: How to start optimization testing and get executive support

#3: How to choose a testing tool

Part of any optimization program is the tool used to conduct the split tests. This article serves up five questions to help you choose a tool that best meets your testing needs:

Landing Page Optimization: 5 questions every marketer should ask before choosing a testing tool

To round out this group of testing and optimization resources, here are two charts featuring MarketingSherpa research:

#4: The percentage of LPO projects that result in a live optimized site

This chart looks at the surprisingly high drop-off rate of optimization projects in the project funnel:

Marketing Research Chart: Improve your optimization project completion rate

#5: How testing impacts the success of optimization projects

This chart focuses on how to improve the success rate of a testing program:

Marketing Research Chart: Test to improve optimization project success

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