April 18, 2012
Event Presentation

Webinar Replay - 5 Key Components for Establishing and Optimizing Lead Nurturing Campaigns

SUMMARY: For many B2B marketers, their lead generation tactics -- such as increasing social media efforts, blogging frequency and online content generation -- are losing effectiveness. This leaves marketers wondering how to improve qualified lead generation and ROI.

In this webinar replay, MarketingSherpa presenters offer the knowledge you need to improve your qualified lead generation, as well as ROI, in the face of your top challenges. Learn why lead quality is still a great challenge, and a blueprint for developing lead nurturing segmentation and content strategy.
Many B2B marketers are experiencing the same challenge: lead generation tactics losing their effectiveness. Marketers have beefed up their social media efforts, blogging frequency, and online content generation, but the tires still seem to just be spinning.

This has left B2B marketers intuitively asking themselves the same question:

How can we improve qualified lead generation and ROI, when our lead generation tactics are losing their effectiveness?

Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager, MECLABS, and Kaci Bower, Senior Research Analyst, MECLABS, will help you to answer this question. But, they won’t stop there. This hour-long webinar will also cover:
  • Why lead quality is still a great challenge

  • A blueprint for developing lead nurturing segmentation and content strategy

  • Five key components for establishing and optimizing lead nurturing campaigns

  • A real-life case study example of a B2B firm that generated a 190% increase in sales conversion

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