February 28, 2012
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Webinar Replay -- How-To: Best Serve Email Subscribers Through the Entire Customer Lifecycle

SUMMARY: Do you capitalize on your customer life cycle? To make the most of your Marketing-Sales funnel, you must craft your email messages to serve your customers and their needs.

In this 60-minute webinar replay, W. Jeffrey Rice and Adam T. Sutton explore when and where to implement email campaigns to accelerate and enrich your customers' experiences through your organization's funnel, as well as key strategies from industry-based research.
Your customers use the Internet to search for information. Thus, email’s role in your marketing mix should cater to this behavior to maintain marketing effectiveness, as well as company relevance. Your messages need to be packaged to best serve your customers in their search for solutions to their problems.

So, how do you treat the customer life cycle to retain, nurture and stimulate engagement with your funnel?

MarketingSherpa’s W. Jeffrey Rice and Adam T. Sutton reveal key strategies from our Email Marketing Handbook - Second Edition, and explore when and where to implement email campaigns to accelerate and enrich customers’ experiences through an organization’s Marketing-Sales funnel.

They covered:
  • The state of email communications

  • How to prospect to maintain and grow relationships

  • How to nurture subscribers to move them toward conversion

  • Activation of your subscriber base

  • Retain customers by reassuring their trust

  • Why you should ask for referrals

  • MarketingSherpa case studies

  • Key takeaways

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