February 14, 2012

Marketing Research Chart: Improve your optimization project completion rate

SUMMARY: What percentage of LPO projects result in a live optimized site? We asked more than 2,600 CMOs how many website optimization projects they engaged in last year, and what percentage of those projects ultimately produced a live site. Review this week’s chart for their answers.

Chart: Testing project funnel from launch to pushing optimized pages live in 2010

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The lifecycle of a testing project is not particularly complex. We reduced it to just the four fundamental stages above to ask marketers to share how the number of projects tapers along the way. In addition, we calculated the number of projects per organization to provide a sense of the average annual test workload.

A multi-layer website optimization campaign can take months to produce a live site - from reviewing the analytics to identifying which page to optimize, to completing several rounds of testing and launching the final optimized page. Indeed, the best optimization programs are never finished; marketers are constantly testing and optimizing to maximize revenue.

A number of internal and external challenges can impact project completion, including driving sufficient traffic, competing with other online teams for budget and IT bandwidth, and failing to develop an internal culture of optimization to support your efforts.

On average, almost half of the reported testing projects did not produce a change on the live website. This outcome is not surprising, as testing as such is not a guarantee of a win. However, by using insights from tests that resulted in a conversion decrease, marketers can increase the ROI of their testing efforts.

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