August 24, 2011
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Download Your Free Excerpt from the 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report -- PPC Edition

SUMMARY: Download your free excerpt from the newly released 2012 Search Marketing Benchmark Report - PPC Edition. You'll get in-depth charts, analytical commentary, real-world examples, and actionable advice about the best tactics, top challenges, and more.
Search engine marketing involves a variety of strategies, including optimizing for organic search; tracking and utilizing keywords and key phrases; and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

PPC campaigns specialize in generating increased short-term traffic, but there is a lot of untapped opportunity in social, local and mobile paid search tactics. Find out how to take advantage of this opportunity in our 2012 Search Engine Marketing Benchmark Report - PPC Edition.

This comprehensive 177-page reference guide includes the results of our survey of 1,530 B2B and consumer marketers, and 125 charts with analytical commentary and insights from your peers, along with case studies of paid search campaigns.

This report also features a special section on landing page optimization to help make PPC efforts even more successful.

Download your free excerpt -- You will not be asked to fill out a form. This is a direct download.

Your free excerpt provides:

o The full table of contents

o A listing of the highlights for this year's study

o Key finding chart: Ranking of PPC challenges against PPC objectives

o Key finding chart: Difficulty in execution of PPC tactics is not a barrier to usage

o Key finding chart: Paid search drives one third of inbound Web traffic on average

o Key finding chart: PPC and SEO work together to bring in leads

o Key finding chart: Organizations with local presence are under-utilizing "local PPC"

o Key finding chart: Mobile-enabled and optimized PPC campaigns are uncommon

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