July 19, 2011

Marketing Research Chart: Email deliverability metrics improving ... slightly

SUMMARY: Email marketers face a myriad of challenges to ensure their organization’s email reaches a subscribers inbox. We wanted to learn if common deliverability issues were improving or worsening over the past 12 months. Find out the results from a survey of more than 1,100 marketers in this week’s chart.
by Jeff Rice, Senior Research Analyst

Marketing Research Chart: Deliverability improvements offset by continued challenges

Q. How have the following deliverability issues changed for your organization in the past 12 months?

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Making it to the inbox involves a complex set of issues and is a perennial challenge for email marketers. While many organizations are experiencing measurable improvements, nearly as many are experiencing worsening conditions. The net result is only a slight change for the better.

Marketers are improving list quality and hygiene, which is reflected in the overall lower bounce rates and increased inbox placement rates. Nevertheless, it is alarming that subscriber dormancy and junk folder placement rates are close to trending backwards – especially since ISPs and webmail clients are placing a higher value on engagement metrics for inbox placement and delivery.

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