April 26, 2011

Marketing Research Chart: Top metrics used in evaluating and optimizing marketing performance

SUMMARY: We wanted to learn how B2B marketers were evaluating and optimizing their marketing performance, so we asked more than 900 marketers which key performance metrics helped them evaluate marketing ROI. The results are included in this week’s marketing research chart.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Research Manager

Marketing Research Chart: Evaluating marketing ROI

Q. Please indicate how effective the following metrics are in helping your organization evaluate marketing ROI

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In order to continually improve, organizations need to conduct a regular analysis of their marketing programs to identify problems and opportunities. They need to analyze the performance of lead generation campaigns, including inbound and outbound tactics.

In this analysis, an organization should consider a number of metrics and aim to tie marketing activities to revenue generation. Analyzing based on one or two metrics alone can be misleading.

Overall, closing percentage and cost-per-acquisition are rated as the most effective metrics in helping B2B organizations evaluate marketing ROI. In order to make key decisions on the effectiveness of various marketing tactics, some combination of all metrics included in this chart must be considered, as no more than 17% of organizations indicated that any one metric was ineffective.

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