February 15, 2011

New Chart: Top tactics organizations use to improve email relevancy

SUMMARY: Targeting recipients with highly relevant content is the most significant challenge to email marketing effectiveness. This week’s chart takes a deeper look at the top email relevancy tactics used by organizations.
by Jeff Rice, Research Analyst

Tactics used by organizations to improve relevancy

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Triggered email ranks as the most effective email tactic to increase relevancy; however, this tactic is not the one most implemented. Today, harried marketers choose to not invest time into pre-planning a triggered email campaign.

Instead, email marketers find it more efficient and customer-centric to segment email based on actions taken by customers, or to allow subscribers to specify their email preferences.

Executing a high-level segmented email campaign based on behavior requires a number of elements, including proper data mining and targeted content. Larger organizations are well-suited to perform these tasks with their functional specialists and typically larger staffs.

The consumer channel (B2C), which relies on email more for directly increasing sales, is more likely than the business channel (B2B) to implement the most effective relevancy tactics -- triggered emails and segmented emails based on behavior. Almost 60% of B2C marketers surveyed use those relevancy tactics.

Finally, as you would expect, the companies in the strategic phase are more likely to use behavior segmentation and triggered email tactics than those in the trial phase. These corporations have created a repeatable process to create, analyze and continuously improve these types of campaigns.

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