February 10, 2011

Webinar Replay -- Exploring On-site Search with eTail, BabyAge.com and MarketingSherpa

SUMMARY: View this webinar replay to see Jack Kiefer, President/CEO, BabyAge.com discuss on-site search optimization, moderated by Kelly Hushin, Editor, the eTail Blog, and Daniel Burstein, Editorial Director, MarketingSherpa.
In this webinar replay, "Exploring On-site Search with eTail, BabyAge.com and MarketingSherpa," Jack Kiefer, President/CEO, BabyAge.com and Daniel Burstein, Editorial Director, MarketingSherpa, field questions from the audience and provide case studies to show how to optimize on-site search and increase conversion.

View the webinar slide presentation

Webinar replay

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