February 01, 2011

New Chart: Best website design, management and optimization tactics for 2011

SUMMARY: We asked nearly 1,000 B2B marketers to identify which website design, management and optimization tactics were very effective, somewhat effective or not effective. Find out which tactics topped the list as the most effective in this week’s chart.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Research Analyst

The effectiveness of website design, management and optimization tactics

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Since an organization’s website is the hub for all of their marketing activities and commonly the key point of conversion, it is imperative that they make the most out of the inbound traffic they receive. This is precisely the reason why the top two website design, management and optimization tactics involve some optimization for conversions.

Implementing unique landing pages for various marketing campaigns increases the relevancy of that page, which leads to an improved conversion rate. Of course, optimizing design and content for conversions is also intended to increase conversion rates.

Creating Web pages with cookie-based personalization features can require significant efforts to implement, and many marketers need to collaborate with IT to accomplish this. This high level of effort required may be affecting the ratings of personalized website content in terms of overall effectiveness.

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