January 25, 2011

New Chart: Changes to the Marketing Budget Landscape in 2011

SUMMARY: As marketing strategies evolve from outbound to inbound tactics, there is also a shift in the ways in which money and resources are spent.

We asked more than 1,100 marketers how they foresaw budgets changing in 2011 for the following marketing tactics. Find out the results in this week’s chart.
by Jeff Rice, Research Analyst

Organizations increasing and decreasing marketing budgets - the impact on tactics

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The shift in budgets from offline to online tactics continues. While the majority of organizations will increase online budgets in 2011 (with very few reporting a decrease) those organizations decreasing budgets for direct mail, print ads and broadcast ads far outweigh those planning an increase.

The traditional online workhorse tactics -- website, search and email -- continue to receive the budget increases they deserve. New to this exclusive group benefiting from budget increases is social media marketing. Social marketing is still in the early stages of proving its business value, but expectations are high and so is the financial commitment to succeed.

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