January 18, 2011

New Chart: Social media tactics for B2B

SUMMARY: The rapidly growing popularity of social media has many B2B marketers changing their marketing mix to include it. What are the most commonly used B2B social marketing tactics? Find out in this week’s chart.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Research Analyst

The use of social media tactics for B2B

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Participating on company-branded or -managed social networks is the most commonly used tactic, with 87% of study participants indicating that they execute it. This is likely because of the ease of setting up profiles on social networking sites. Creating a social networking profile on Facebook or LinkedIn may only take minutes, but without a strategy and consistent execution, results will likely suffer.

This is also the case with the next most commonly used B2B social marketing tactics; microblogging on company branded or managed microblogs. It only takes minutes to create a Twitter profile, but the results will be reflective of the strategy and consistent execution of this tactic.

Another commonly used tactic is blogging on company-branded or -managed blogs. Consistently creating and publishing blog posts requires significant resources, but since it is a highly effective tactic, more than half of B2B marketers participating in this year’s study indicated they were doing so.

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