January 01, 2006

MarketingSherpa's RSS Help Page

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If you clicked to this page, we figure you're probably looking for one of three items. Here you go:

#1. Service problems with MarketingSherpa's RSS Feed

MarketingSherpa's RSS feed is located at http://www.MarketingSherpa.com/rss

If you have a particular problem with MarketingSherpa's RSS Feed, please contact Sharon Hamner at service@marketingsherpa.com. Yes, we promise that a real human being checks that email address frequently during the business day and will get back to you.

#2. Info for RSS newbies -- don't know what RSS is?

Quick info:

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) is a way to get headlines (and sometimes even stories) from Web sites sent directly to your "reader" whenever there's something new. It's a bit like email, you have to click on the RSS button on a site (it's the orange button on our newsletters) and then your reader will be added to the folks who get the "feed."

Many blogs, top eretailers such as Amazon, and almost every major online publication today offers an RSS feed.

Your RSS reader collects feeds it's sent and alerts you when new or updated content has arrived. You can click the headline to see a short description or open the included link to view the full Web page.

How do you use the RSS button on a Web site or blog?

1. Right click the orange RSS button.

2. Choose "Copy Shortcut."

3. Paste the url of the feed into your RSS Reader's "Add Feed" option. MarketingSherpa's RSS URL to paste in is: http://www.MarketingSherpa.com/rss

4. Enjoy your instant updates!

What happens if you click the RSS orange button?

Depending on your browser type and the file format of the feed, you may see xml code, or even a blank page. This does not mean the feed is broken, but is in fact a live feed. You can copy the url from the browser and paste it into your RSS Reader. We use a service called Feedburner that will notice you are requesting the feed from a web browser and it will whip up a quick web page with the feed contents. This is more helpful than a blank page, but really no where near as nice as a proper feed reader.

Where do you get an RSS Reader? There are literally more than 100 available. We don't endorse any in particular (although we use Pluck at http://www.pluck.com ourselves). You can also try these free ones.

For Windows: http://www.rssreader.com For Mac: http://ranchero.com/netnewswire/#lite Web based: http://www.newsgator.com

#3. MarketingSherpa's articles on how to RSS for marketing

RSS in Reality: Not a Replacement for Email - Metrics & Best Practices http://library.marketingsherpa.com/barrier.cfm?CID=2988

How Big Companies are Testing RSS Feeds to Circumvent Email: RSS 101 + Useful Links http://www.marketingsherpa.com/sample.cfm?contentID=2606

GoToMeeting Tests RSS & Podcasting Advertising Campaign: Lessons Learned http://library.marketingsherpa.com/barrier.cfm?CID=3010

7 Marketing Tips for Podcasts, Blog Ads, and RSS Feeds http://library.marketingsherpa.com/barrier.cfm?CID=3042

Final Note: If you want to start getting MarketingSherpa's own RSS Feed, the URL to paste into your reader is: http://www.MarketingSherpa.com/rss

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