December 21, 2010

New Chart: Challenges to email marketing effectiveness

SUMMARY: What are the most significant challenges to email marketing effectiveness? From delivering highly relevant content to improving email deliverability and quantifying email marketing ROI, find out which challenges topped the list in this week’s chart.
By Jeff Rice, Research Analyst

The significance of challenges to email marketing effectiveness

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Email marketers continue to struggle with the challenge of delivering highly relevant content to their target audiences. Whether you are marketing to consumers, businesses or both, the more targeted your email campaigns, the more content is required. Developing a sufficient amount of the required content is a time-intensive process that many marketers do not have the resources to produce.

While relevancy will be the most significant challenge to email marketing effectiveness in 2011, there is a range of second tier issues -- from quantifying email marketing ROI to growing email lists -- that are equally challenging to marketers regardless of the size of their organization.

Improving email deliverability is a challenge that is more likely to concern a smaller organization than it is concern a larger enterprise. Deliverability is impacted by a number of complex factors that a larger organization may be better equipped to address.

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