December 07, 2010

New Chart: Top tactics for delivering relevant email content

SUMMARY: Which tactics for improving email relevancy are the most effective, the most widely used and the most difficult to execute? From trigger-based email campaigns to behavioral segmentation, see how various tactics line up in this week’s chart.
by Jeffrey Rice, Research Analyst

Three dimensions of relevancy tactics - effectiveness, difficulty and use

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The popular use of an email marketing tactic does not always reflect its effectiveness. We've taken a deeper dive into the analysis of tactics in this week’s chart to gain a better understanding.

This chart incorporates three sets of data on relevancy tactics. The level of effectiveness is shown on the vertical axis while the degree of difficulty to implement the tactic is shown on the horizontal axis. The size of each sphere represents its level of usage.

This chart shows, for example, that the tactic of segmenting email campaigns based on behavior is used more often than automatically sending email based on triggers, which is more effective and less difficult to implement.

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