November 10, 2010
Event Wrap-up

B2B Marketing Summit Wrap-up Replay: Quick takeaways on lead nurturing, social media marketing, and more

SUMMARY: MarketingSherpa recently offered a complimentary webinar to readers, recapping the highlights and takeaways from the recently completed B2B Marketing Summit '10.

If you couldn't attend the webinar, don't miss this chance to view the replay.
MarketingSherpa’s B2B Marketing Summit '10 provided attendees with pages of lead generation tips, nurturing ideas, and new strategies they could immediately apply to improve their marketing results.

From new tactics like social media, to more traditional tactics like direct mail, success stories and practical training sessions equipped attendees to take what they learned back to the office, share with colleagues and get started.

Recently, we recapped the event in a complimentary webinar sponsored by Genius. In it, presenters Daniel Burstein, Associate Director of Editorial Content, MECLABS, Brian Carroll, Executive Director of Applied Research, MECLABS, and Matt West, Director, Marketing Programs, Genius, highlighted some of the best ideas and takeaways given by various speakers from the B2B Summits.

View the webinar replay

View the slide presentation

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