February 02, 2006
Event Presentation

Email Marketing Benchmark Data for 2006: Recorded Audio Presentation + 11 Powerpoint Slides

SUMMARY: If you couldn't make our live conference call last Tuesday on Email Marketing Benchmark Data for 2006, just click below to get your recorded MP3 audio file. Also, you'll get our Powerpoint presentation, including 11 new data charts such as: o Open rate trends - dramatic this year o Click rates - good news o How email recipients define spam - surprising o List growth rates by industry Plus, more details on eyetracking lab results and your big questions about email frequency answered:
This is a recording of a live presentation for MarketingSherpa readers recorded January 24, 2006:

Presented by: Anne Holland, Publisher, MarketingSherpa Stefan Tornquist, Research Director, MarketingSherpa

Here's how to attend this previously recorded presentation right now (or download it to listen to at your convenience):

Step #1. Get the PowerPoint slides in PDF format with 11 new charts: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/tele/EMBG1_24.pdf (Open access)

Step #2. Click to hear (or save) the MP3 audio presentation: http://www.marketingsherpa.com/tele/EMBG1_24.mp3 (Open access, approx. 60 minutes/7 meg)

Audio download note: This is in MP3, which almost anyone with a PC or Mac can play. If you'd like to listen now, just do a regular mouse click (left side) and it will start playing fairly quickly. If you'd like to download and save to listen later, just do a right-click with your mouse.

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