August 31, 2010

New Chart: B2B Marketing-to-Sales Processes

SUMMARY: In this week’s chart, you’ll learn what tactics are most commonly used by B2B organizations to manage their marketing-to-sales processes, such as the scoring or rating of leads, collaborating with sales to define sales-ready leads, having a process for nurturing leads that are not sales ready, and more.
by Jen Doyle, Senior Analyst

How Organizations Manage Their Marketing-to-Sales Processes

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Which best practices are marketers not using to manage their marketing-to-sales process? The one that stands out here is the ability to hand leads back to marketing when they’ve proven to not be sales-worthy. These leads are typically qualified prospects that simply aren’t ready to purchase. And not having a process to handle these prospects is a missed opportunity that allows these future sales to slip through a gaping crack in the pipeline.

Lead scoring has become an important element of the marketing-to-sales process. More than half of business technology organizations have a system to rate leads.

Assigning points to various lead characteristics determines a lead’s "score." But many scoring systems have become overly complex, often discouraging marketing and sales from using them diligently. Originally, scoring was simply based on a few descriptive words, such as "qualified" or "warm" and as such, was easier to use.

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