August 24, 2010

New Chart: The Testing of Email Elements

SUMMARY: We asked 1,493 marketers about which email elements their organizations performed -- or plan to perform -- A/B split or multivariate testing, in order to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. Check out this week’s chart to learn which email elements are most commonly tested.
by Sergio Balegno, Research Director

Testing Email Elements to Improve Campaign Effectiveness

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Subject lines have long been the easiest and most frequently tested elements, but other key items, such as offers, send time and creative, are being tested by nearly as many organizations. The reason for broader testing is that "tweaking" elements based on testing can produce dramatic improvements in campaign results and has proven to be well worth the time and effort required.

Target market is a key differentiating factor in the likelihood of testing email elements. B2C marketers are much more likely to test nearly every element than B2B marketers.

List size can have an exponential impact on everything from email response rates to campaign ROI. Scale is the reason that large list owners are up to five times more likely to test the elements of their email campaigns than owners of small lists.

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