July 20, 2010

New Chart: Social Marketing Maturity and the Social Marketing ROAD Map

SUMMARY: Which phase of social marketing maturity is your organization in today and where would you like it to be? In this week's chart, find out how your organization compares to more than 2,000 others in terms of social marketing maturity, and which Social Marketing ROAD Map elements are priorities for each phase of social marketing maturity.
By Sergio Balegno, Research Director

Organizations in Each Stage of the Social Marketing Maturity Lifecycle

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Which phase of social marketing maturity is your organization in today? Where do you want to be? How will you get there from here? These are important questions to ask, because the more mature an organization’s social marketing, the more effective it becomes.

This chart shows that, when averaging all elements, 33% are in the Trial Phase and 40% are in the Transition Phase. The good news -- 23% have advanced to the Strategic Phase.

Marketers reported that maturity can differ markedly by ROAD Map element. For organizations in the Trial Phase, we see most organizations focused on Devices (social media platforms). We see the focus shifting to Research in the Transition Phase and to Actions in the Strategic Phase. The key takeaway here is that emphasis on Devices drops from the top line to the bottom as an organization’s social marketing maturity evolves.

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