May 25, 2010

New Chart: Targeting and Measuring Social Media Objectives

SUMMARY: For this week’s chart, we’re taking a look at the targeting and measuring of social marketing objectives, such as increased website traffic, lead generation and sales revenue.

We’ve segmented this chart by social marketing maturity to see which group of social marketers is the most consistent in their tracking.
By Sergio Balegno, Research Director

Organizations targeting and measuring objectives, by social marketing maturity

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The second step in the ROAD Map methodology is "Objectives." In this step, we determine where we’re going, who we’re looking for and how we’ll know when we get there. This requires defining objectives that can be aligned with target audiences and measured to determine our progress.

All the objectives shown in this chart are targeted and measured by far fewer marketers in the first or trial phase of social marketing maturity than their more experienced counterparts in the transition or strategic phases. Novice social marketers must learn that they can’t achieve what they can’t measure, so establishing measurable and targeted objectives is a critical step in their transition to a strategic approach.

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