April 13, 2010

New Chart: Marketers Weigh in on Importance of Email Marketing Objectives

SUMMARY: What objectives do email marketers work hardest to achieve? In this week’s chart, we’ll show you what email marketing objectives were ranked as the most important by your peers.

From customer retention to lead generation to driving online or offline sales, see which objectives topped the list.
By Sergio Balegno, Research Director

Email Marketing Objectives Ranked by Importance

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It‘s no surprise that customer retention and lead generation are very important in today‘s economy and are the objectives that email marketers are working hardest to achieve.

A focus on retaining existing customers is a logical objective for cost-conscious organizations trying to offset the impact of a recession. After all, it‘s far less expensive to retain a customer you already have than to find and acquire a new one.

Generating new sales leads is an important objective for a higher percentage of medium-sized organizations than retaining existing customers is for large organizations. Mid-sized organizations are more agile than their larger, slower-moving competitors and may see the recession as an opportunity to gain market share.

Organizations that target consumers have a much different opinion about the importance of some email objectives than those who target businesses, especially when it comes to driving sales. Many B2C organizations derive revenue through ecommerce, which requires a focus on driving online sales. B2B organizations, on the other hand, are more likely to use email to drive offline sales. This is also why more B2B marketers rank generating new sales leads as more important than B2C marketers.

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