April 06, 2010

New Chart: Keyword Research Tactics Ranked by Efficiency

SUMMARY: Keyword research should be the foundation of any search engine marketing campaign, but what is the best way to go about researching and defining your target key terms?

This week’s chart will show you the most highly rated keyword research tactics, so you can start researching with greater efficiency.
By Jen Doyle, Research Analyst

Tactics for Keyword Research

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Finding the most effective words to use in advertising is a combination of art and science, and has been a chief concern of marketers for as long as the profession has existed. Whether writing keyword-rich press release copy that is likely to appear in relevant organic search results, choosing long lists of keywords for PPC campaigns or simply tweaking the copy of text ads, it’s imperative that marketers know and use the same language used by their consumer target, and emphasize words that lead to the highest conversion levels.

According to surveyed marketers, site log files are rich sources of data for copywriters and keyword list makers. Interestingly, marketers with bigger monthly PPC budgets are more likely to rate nearly all tactics as "highly effective" than their counterparts with smaller budgets. We can infer that expertise may play a role in how successfully search marketers employs the tools at their disposal.

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