February 16, 2010

New Chart: How are Organizations Performing Social Media Practices?

SUMMARY: We wanted to learn more about the processes organizations use to execute common social media practices, including monitoring activity, defining plan objectives and strategy, and executing across various platforms. Here’s what we learned.
By Sergio Balegno, Research Director

How Organizations Perform Social Marketing Practices

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Optimizing the outcome of any business initiative requires a clearly defined, consistently practiced, repeatable process. As a relatively new tactic, the task of formulating social marketing processes and best practices is on the radar for many organizations, but has yet to be developed.

While marketers in the computer hardware and software industry are more likely to monitor what their target audience is saying about their brand and competition on social media, marketers in the education and healthcare sector are much more likely to have a formal, routine process for other social marketing best practices.

Furthermore, organizations that market directly to consumers through B2C channels clearly lead their B2B counterparts in the formulation and consistent implementation of social marketing practices.

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