February 09, 2010

New Chart: How Much of the Online Budget is Social Media Getting?

SUMMARY: We wanted to know how organizations allocated their online marketing budgets for each of the following tactics, including personnel, media and other direct costs. This is what we learned.
By Sergio Balegno, Research Director

Social Media's Share of the Online Marketing Budget

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Social media, which would have accounted for a very small increment of the "Other online marketing" slice just a few years ago, is now garnishing 11% of the average online marketing budget. Based on other trends indicated in this report, social media’s share will continue to increase in the year ahead.

While email and search have been online marketing's workhorse tactics in recent years, Web sites have become the hub of marketing strategy for many organizations. As such, the majority of content stored on a company Web site is created as the destination point for visitors arriving from email, search and other marketing campaigns. Nonetheless, the cost of creating this content is often allocated to the Web site, resulting in the largest slice of the online marketing budget pie.

For additional research data and insights about social marketing, download and read the free Executive Summary from MarketingSherpa’s 2010 Social Media Marketing Benchmark Report.

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