September 22, 2009

New Chart: Business Technology Websites Benefitting from Continuous Improvement

SUMMARY: Marketers continue to give themselves better grades on their websites and how well they are managed. Business technology clearly stands out as the sector that is much more likely (in some cases twice as likely) to manage its website capabilities at a high level.
Business Technology Marketers Managing Website Capabilities at a “High Level”
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Optimizing websites to improve search engine rankings has always been a top priority followed closely by the use of website analytics-in large part, to measure the impact of their SEO. The use of website analytics has also increased significantly with the availability of sophisticated and often free tools such as Google Analytics.

Most notable among the capabilities being managed at increasingly high levels is the integration of systems so leads flow easily from their website to a CRM database. Integration is a difficult but critical capability to implement and manage. Yet the percentage of marketers who said their organization excels at this has nearly doubled since last year.

While industry sector is a factor, managing website capabilities at a "high level" appears to have little to do with the size of the organization managing it. Across the board, small, medium and large organizations have revealed strengths and weaknesses when it comes to website management.

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