September 01, 2009

New Chart: Social Media’s Place in the Elite Marketing Trio

SUMMARY: Social media has rapidly evolved to become a member of an elite trio of interactive marketing tactics – “Email, Search and Social”. But we wanted to know how marketers ranked these tactics in importance to each other, and who they thought would emerge as the alpha dog of the pack moving forward.

Do You Agree or Disagree That Social Media Will

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At one extreme of the chart spectrum, almost all marketers (97%) agreed that social media will simply complement other marketing tactics, such as email and search, rather than displacing them. Slightly fewer (88%) of marketers agreed on a more moderate perspective that social media will become a standard tactic for most companies, much like email or search marketing, and 74% believe it will have its own budget line item and staff in the foreseeable future.

At the other extreme, 12% think social media will eventually replace email as the primary method of customer communications.

An equally divided view is that social media will simply be a ‘tool in the toolbox’ but never as important as email or search marketing. What do you think?

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