August 25, 2009

New Chart: Achieving High ROI from Second-Tier Tactics

SUMMARY: This week's chart offers a combined look at how marketers rated the performance of several secondary tactics, such as rental email lists, 3rd party lead purchases, list appending and 2nd tier search.

Even though most marketers give these tactics low marks, there’s an important “but” that we’ve observed in study after study. In every case, there will be a group of marketers who have found above average value. Anywhere from 5%-20% of respondents (circled in the chart below) will report that these normally under-performing tactics were a home run. What makes them succeed where others fail?

There are no unsuccessful tactics, only unsuccessful campaigns

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The commonalities among these marketers emerge when we scratch the surface of how they approach these tactics.

1. Taking the time to do their research, and going beyond the recommendations of colleagues to arrive at their ‘short list’ of vendors.

2. Reading and researching relevant best practices, and waiting to launch until they’re confident in their approach and just as important, have a plan for how names/leads, etc. from these sources will be identified, coded and, if applicable, treated differently than those from other sources.

3. Testing vendors and lists prior to full engagements...testing registration forms and landing pages...testing programs to onboard leads from secondary name it, these folks test it.

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