December 09, 2008

New Sherpa Research: Exclusive Video Marketing Tactics, Strategies for Any Budget

SUMMARY: You’re a savvy, experienced online marketer. But even you can use some help working video into your marketing mix and budget.

Here you go! We’ve researched the state of video marketing for you. The results are compiled in our first-ever ‘Video Marketing Benchmark Guide: Practical data for driving video results on Internet, mobile, and TV’. The 382-page book is for marketers who say: “I get it, but what do I do about it?”
Indeed, video is evolving so rapidly that little “conventional wisdom” exists on how to proceed. MarketingSherpa’s first edition is written to give you the information you need to navigate video’s changing landscape so you can make the right strategic decisions for your organization.

Download this special 8-page Executive Summary to look at research highlights and eight practical data charts that touch on the following:
- Improvements to the advertising model
- Marketers putting video on websites get positive results
- Online video is the future with in-stream ads most effective
- Within reason, advertising is OK with viewers
- National cable produces the best ROI on TV
- Quality is the main factor in adopting of streaming video
- Viral video is popular, but it needs work

Click here to download the introduction and the Executive Summary:

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