October 14, 2008

New Chart: Optimize All Your Web Pages for Niche Searchers Seeking Relevant Results

SUMMARY: Niche searchers dig deeper on the Web to find landing pages with the most relevant results. Use long-phrase searches from your log files to optimize results for any search.
Technical Searchers Dig Deeper for Results

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Conventional wisdom says that if your Web pages appear outside the first few responses on a search engine, most people will miss you. The chart above, however, explores an exception to that rule – the niche searcher.

In this case, niche searchers were industrial engineers – who often find themselves forced to dig deep into SERP to find what they’re looking for. Their searches on the general search engines go significantly deeper than most. And they’ve come to expect that finding relevant results may take them onto the second page or even deeper. The same applies to other highly-specific searchers.

Why does this matter? It speaks to the need and opportunity for better search engine optimization on the pages of websites that appeal to niche searchers.

Just because these searcher are willing to keep looking doesn’t mean they won’t happily click on an earlier result if it’s relevant. Using the long-phrase searches found in your log files can give you insight into how to optimize. Even if these highly specific pages only get a few clicks per month, chances are good that those clicks will be very valuable for companies with high price points.

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