January 05, 2009

Special Report: Marketing During a Downturn, Part 2: 24 Real-Life Strategies Marketers Are Using to Handle the Slump

SUMMARY: In an economic downturn, it's clear: no efforts or resources can be wasted. Marketers really need to focus on the industries, customers and regions that offer the most cost-effective ROI.

In Part 2 of our Special Report on marketing during an economic downturn, we reveal strategies that B-to-C and B-to-B marketers are using right now to improve their ROI. Includes:
- Finding more leads with low-cost tactics
- Up-selling and cross-selling to existing customers
- Getting tangible results with Web 2.0
Marketers need to do everything they can to maximize the return on their marketing dollars. That’s why they are investing more in search engine optimization, paid search and email marketing. And less on things like print advertising and radio/TV ads. (See our charts section for spending patterns on these tactics, based on the results of a new MarketingSherpa survey of 407 marketing professionals.)

But a recession also calls for keeping open communication with those who pull the purse strings. It calls for being realistic about your budget. Even the most trackable tactics might have a high cost, and you need to re-evaluate when the investments outweighs the results.

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