January 05, 2009

Special Report: Marketing During an Economic Downturn - New Data & Key Insights

SUMMARY: We’re seeing the signs: consumer spending is down, the stock market is on a roller coaster and everyone is using the “R” word.

In part 1 of a two-part Special Report, we reveal 8 new data charts and 10 key insights for B-to-B and consumer marketers, including:
- Whose marketing budgets are shrinking the most
- What tactics are getting the biggest budget increases
- Your CFO's view on the budget
A gloomy scenario has enveloped the economic landscape. Indeed, there’s little doubt that marketers must, at the least, deal with a downturn for a while. Historically, economic slumps have given new meaning to the words “survival of the fittest.”

Based on results of a new MarketingSherpa survey of 407 marketing professionals, businesses have already taken steps to retrench and focus their spending. Online and direct marketing tactics are replacing traditional and branding tactics. Lower-cost tactics with proven ROI will reign supreme.

“Heavier investing in direct mail and online is working well since many competitors are reducing marketing investments, and our collective share of voice is increasing our sales,” wrote one of our survey respondents.

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